Thursday, 13 October 2011

Spacejacker needs help from the USA

I recently saw this post on Mongo's Wafflehouse. It is about how he made some great conversions using 2" Generic wrestler toys. I freakin' love wrestling games (I don't follow TV wrestling anymore) and have long wanted to try making a wrestling minis game. Enter the perfect product:

I want these!

I really want to have a go! Here's the catch: You can't get this pack in Europe. In fact the only place you can get it is at Boscov's in the USA. They have an online store but do not ship overseas. So frustrating!

This is where you come in. Do you like the looks of the Orion Heavy Infantry (power armor) that Blue Moon Manufacturing sells? Do you like the paint job that you can see on the website? I hope so, because I did it... Do you see where this is going?

I have these...

..And this...

I'm looking for a swap here, US citizens. If some kind American reader lives near a Boscov's or can order online from this link , then I will trade you my painted Orion heavy infantry pack (all 10 figs) and a Khurasan Gun carrier in exchange for 2 of the pictured 20-pack of toy wrestlers. I will also pay for the shipping from your place to mine!

So that's the deal.. Grab 2 packs of toy wrestlers (currently for a total of $30 USD) and I will paypal you the shipping to the UK and  you get some badass 15mm goodness.

How does that sound to you guys?


  1. Ok, I commit to this awesome plan...

  2. Aaand.. They don't ship to Canada either..:(

  3. Never actually used it but maybe you'll have some luck with this one:

  4. Hey I can help. Let me know and I'll place the order tonight. Harry

  5. I like your style chief, this is a great deal. Unfortunately I've never even heard of Bosco's Warehouse of Sales. My allowance this month is spent as it is...

  6. There are plenty of companies that, for a small fee, will ship stuff to you from the US. They provide you with a US Address to post to then re-ship your items out to you.

    Here are a few.

  7. Whoops, just noticed z suggested a similar service. Sorry for doubling up.

  8. I'd be happy to... send me an e-mail at h37864 at gmail dot com no trade needed... i'd be happy to do it for the awesome blog you post!

  9. Peabody- Thanks anway, my Commonwealth compatriot.
    Mik- What you need son, is a paper route.
    Mr. Harold- That is an amazingly generous offer but I couldn't possibly sleep at night without sending something back!
    Harry- You were first to respond with a thumbs-up, could you please send me an email at thespacejacker(at) and we can exchange adresses.

    Thanks so much guys!

  10. Good times... LMK if you end up needing more...

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