Saturday, 29 October 2011


Exo armor, REP 5, Assault rifles.

Here's my initial squad of Khurasan Riflethings. I did these alongside a Cane Toad APC, which I have just photographed and sent off to Jon, so it will be up on the blog soon I hope. Intentionally simple colors for fast painting and maximum menace. After a black undercoat there wasn't much at all to these guys, I did them in one go.

They represent elite or heavy troopers for my old Zeig forces. I have added some detail to these to bring them into line.

Hardsuit armor, REP 4, Assault rifles.

I repainted their fatigues Russian green and the officer's red. I know it's unrealistic but it's for the benefit of my eyes during a game!

I'm also doing some Jersey Devils for Khurasan (3 out of 4 painted) and other surprises that have reduced my blog output somewhat due to secrecy.. But it's a small price to pay for the excitement of getting unreleased figures to paint.


  1. Those Khurasan miniatures are a must have and you did a splendid job on them.

  2. Very nice. I think the red on the Zeig looks ve good.

  3. Great work, both squads look very sharp! The second group would make good Sardaukar for some Dune-flavoured gaming :)

    I need to paint up my Riflethings, they were tickling my creative impulse just before the baby arrived... which if course derailed all hobby activities. Aaaaaanyway, I'm planning on doing mine in white and light grey, sort of like the Combine Elites from Half Life 2. Maybe scratch up some little "Manhack" style drones to go with them. I think that'll look pretty cool :)

  4. Thanks everyone, these really were very easy... Thumbs up for 2-color paint schemes!

    Allison- I'm doing the command section next, which includes a drone :)