Monday, 3 October 2011

Red Blok Kolossus Konversion

Here's another AT-43 figure I'm using as a 15mm walker. 

I took an ordinary Kolossus and pulled it all apart. Reversed the torso, repositioned the knee armor, roll bar, back tanks etc. Sculpted a camera/sensor onto the new front, sculpted new knee plates, then messed one up in the process of sculpting a little tarp roll on the back. I need to either get a curing lamp going, or just be more patient.

No weapons either. I ordered some from TheScene and am waiting for them to arrive.

No paint yet, as I haven't decided what faction it will belong to.. Either Star Army or Andromedan as a heavy/medium tank. I will probably do it as Andromedan as I'm liking the idea of the Star army having no heavy walkers, relying on the superior mobility of their BTAs and light walkers.



  1. Very nice! I saw your other AT43 walker last night but stupid Blogger wouldn't let me post a comment. Great job on both.

  2. Camera and bedroll...I love it!

  3. looking good, will look great with weapons.