Sunday, 2 October 2011

Red Blok AT-43 Kolossus for 15mm Lhurrg

Here is a Kolossus I have painted to be used as a medium/heavy tank for my 15mm Lhurrg forces. In 5150: Star Army, walkers simply use the same rules as tracked vehicles. I prefer walkers as they are a bit more suited my 2x2 play area.

It is painted in the same colour as the Lhurrg skin, to help tie it to that force. I experimented with a chipped and rusty painting technique to show that the Lhurrg bought this walker and repainted it. Then didn't take very good care of it.. It's meant to look like it's been in the field (and out on the rain) for a long time.

To sum it up, I panted the whole model dark brown and gave it a wash of brown/black mix. I then stippled on the yellow paint, avoiding the edges where the paint is supposed to look worn off or rusted through. Once that was done I did some very simple highlights and used some sepia wash in the joints and deep crevices to help it look rusty.

The black markings are all freehand, which was something I havent done in over a decade. The white kill crosses are deliberately more crude.


  1. Very cool markings and I love that chipped effect. Nice work!

  2. Perfect mini for 15mm battles and very nice painting!

  3. very sweet. I love the rust and damage!

  4. Very very nice.

    The battered rusty well used and little loved look is great.

    Well done and the markings are the cream on the cake!


  5. Makes me want to try that stippling technique. If I could produce something half as nice I'd be happy.

  6. Perfect, excellent model.

  7. Thanks very much guys, I like how this one came out too.

    There is actually 2 paint-jobs on this as the first time I got it looking great, then ruined it by adding too much additional rust and trying to shade the painted areas. The key is to keep it simple and take it slow.

  8. Love your mini.
    If you want a new experience with your walkers try this optional rule: walkers don't have movement restrictions for turning (p.34).

  9. Dang...I really do enjoy your hard work. Great stuff for the eye, and the creative chamber in my cranium.

  10. Love this walker. Actually with the yellow paint scheme it makes me want to convert some of mine to 40k Ork Nobs, or Mega Armor guys. Would not take a ton of work to slip in an Orky Head in there. Thanks for the inspriation.

    I love the AT-43 stuff it has so much use in other things than what it was made for.

    Keep up the great work.

  11. Kobayachi- That's a great idea. I might reduce their speed to compensate.

    Jay- Glad to be of service :)

    Ken- If you flip the torso around like I did on my other one, an Ork head would be really easy.