Saturday, 15 October 2011


It's notta tureen, it's a halmat! Guarrrrrr!

I mentioned in my last post that I had come up with some major modifications to the very clever Crom rules.  The biggest part of these were the use of hexes instead of measuring. Largely because I've got some and I hate measuring. However the more I tested it, the less flexible it became. In a 1 on 1 fight they were great, but once I introduced more figures and special rules, they kind of broke down. here is what I was left with, admittedly not much, but I think this adds a little more barbarian fun without significantly changing the great system already written.

Weapons And Armor

These are just small bonuses to your dice totals to add a bit of flavor to differently armed models.

Unarmed -1 attack total. Range: Base contact
Sword/axe +0 attack total. Range: Base contact
Spear +0 attack total. Range: 1 base width
2h sword +1 attack total, -1 initiative total. Range: Range: 1 base width
2h Axe/hammer +2 attack total -1 defence total Range: Range: 1 base width
Dual swords/axes +1 attack or defence (choose when making forst attack or defence roll for the turn)
Shield +1 to defence total

Light armour 6+ save vs all hits -1d6 to initiative rolls
Heavy armour 5+ save vs all hits, -2d6 to initiative rolls

Combat modifiers:
Charged into combat +1 attack total
Each additional attacker +1d6 to total.
Attacker on higher elevation +1 attack total

(Seeing as a lot of the figures I have are almost naked, I decided that armor was a bit of a trade-off in a barbarian game, hence the initiative penalty.)

Push-backs (giving ground)

To add a more swashbuckling element to the swordplay, I devised this rule. It favours a terrain setup with a lot of perilous features like ledges, lava pits, rope bridges etc.

When a figure takes a hit, it may elect to instead be Pushed back. First, the defender decides how many hits it will convert into push-backs. The attacker then chooses a direction (must be in the attacker's front 180' arc) and rolls a number of D6 equal to the number of push-backs and adds them together into a total. The defender is pushed back this distance. The attacker may choose to follow up and remain in contact, or remain where they are.

If the attacker rolls any 6's when making the push-back roll, he may instead of pushing the defender back, elect to switch places with the defender! Handy if the attacker has his back to a cliff.

If the pushed-back figure contacts a terrain feature (fallen log, large rock, tavern bar, etc.) It will take 1 hit

If the pushed-back figure enters difficult terrain, it may fall. If the attacker rolled any 6's in the push-back roll, the defender is knocked over and suffers a -1d6 penalty to any attack or defence rolls until it gets up, a difficulty 4 special action (not sure about what number to set for this actually). Otherwise be pushed back through the difficult ground normally.

Blood and Guts
(Taking a leaf out of the SOBH book) If a figure loses all it's dice as the result of a a single attack roll, it is decapitated, burst or otherwise horribly killed in a manner that terrifies it's allies. When this occurs, all allied models with LOS to the death lose a dice from their pool for the rest of the turn. The dice are replenished at the start of their next activation.

Special Abilities

Make a deck of stunt-like special attacks. Before the battle, randomly draw one per hero. may be played  and then discarded at any time during a figure's activation. 

Noggin knocker: If you have 2 enemies in base contact, you clonk their heads together. Each one takes a hit.

Mighty blow: You strike a mighty blow. Use when an attack has been successful. Armor is ignored, and push backs are not allowed against any hits caused by the attack.

Right in the nuggets: You kick your opponent in a sensitive area. It immediately loses all it's dice until it's next activation.

Oath of fury: Veins standing out, you bellow a blood curdling speech, shrugging off your injuries and hurling yourself back into the fray! Regain d6 lost dice.

(Solo rule: If at any time an enemy figure rolls 3 sixes, immediately draw and play a special action card for it.)

With all of this stuff, the battles will hopefully take on more of a crazy cinematic brawl. Special thanks to Matakishi for writing the Crom rules and making them available on his site.