Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mark 1 Armor

Entirely scratchbuilt in 3 hours
I'm not sure how big I am in 15mm scale, but here's the costume I wore into town last night to a gig and then drinks..

The lighting is a cheap set of Christmas lights that are LEDS with a 2xAA power supply. With the helmet off, the chin lighting made me look like a bearded Chuck DeNomolos.
I'm especially proud of the 2-part torso design that allowed comfortable freedom of movement and a telescoping action that allowed me to sit down without the thing smacking me in the chin. I decided against legs , settling for silver glitter converse all-stars and black jeans.

In retrospect I wish I'd gone with an Iron Giant design with articulated jaw for drinking.. Oh well, next year.

Happy Halloween from Tiny Solitary Soldiers!