Thursday, 20 October 2011


Nice selection of poses

I've been quiet about these until today, but I just saw them up on the Khurasan store after reading about them on
These are fantastic figures! I hate to say it but I think they are actually cute. Especially the female scientist (in red) who is walking in what looks like a fairly cumbersome way.

Not much to the painting. Jon asked for yellow suits in the classic Hazmat style. I did the gloves in a military/surgical green instead of black, because I didn't want the hands to vanish into the guns, which are also black/grey.

I did the faceplates in the gem style I did my UNSC troops that has proved so popular. It worked pretty well. I have to say again that 15mm scale figures really rely heavily on contrast and exaggerated details.

Hot stuff, coming through

While I was painting these, I got excited and ordered the exterminator squad, the riflethings and the navy seals.. I know, I don't need them but I've been trying to resist them for so long I broke down. Jon slipped some very interesting extras in with my order which are unreleased and secret again, but I think regular readers will think they are pretty cool when they come out.


  1. These are are painted with your usual awesomeness, much better then mine, I used the surgical green on the armed guys and yellow on the scientist, I should have used your gem style, but used silver.

  2. Those look great. I really like the way you do your faceshields. Any chance of posting a tutorial on how you do them?

  3. Thanks very much guys,

    Dan- Nothing wrong with Silver faceplates, I think it suits your green guys really well and looks quite sinister.

    Joe- If you do any kind of googling for painting gems this is how I do them, But I will keep this in mind next time I do a tutorial.

  4. Actually, you already placed a tutorial about the UNSC on this blog, and that includes the necessary steps for the face plates as well. Behold:

  5. SpaceJacker: well thought out paint scheme and execution. Really nice 15MM figures to use in many different scenarios and in many different ways.

  6. @Xerus: Thanks very much for linking that tutorial. I missed that one. And thanks, Spacejacker, for making it. It is very helpful.

  7. I can see why Jon gets you to do so many of his official paint jobs. These guys look so cool in yellow.