Thursday, 20 October 2011

Custom Counters for Crom

A pile of Crom counters all sculpted and made by me.

I have Litko tokens, I have the ability to make card printed counters... But there's nothing quite like a proper 3d item to use as a counter.. And nothing beats 100% custom now does it?

I sculpted the master onto a UK penny. It was harder than I thought it might be so I went for a very beat-up looking coin.

The master sculpt

The next stage was making a few press-molds out of Oyumaru. This is what "Instant mold" really is at a significant markup. I got mine on Amazon for cheap. It's good stuff.

Press molds

After that it was just a matter of filling up the molds with ProCreate and waiting until they were cured enough to pop out and do another set of 3. It took all day to make 12, but not bad considering.

Painting was a snap. Black undercoat, metallic drybrush, wash of my deep brown Kleer/ink mix. Done. Hopefully the Kleer (Future Wax) will make a good solid coating so they don't get too chipped when mixed up in a bag.

What am I using them for? Initiative counters. Making my Initiative card deck kinda redundant. Glad I didn't make them too colorful.


  1. Very nice indeed! Ingenuity at the boiling point! I am a marker/counter junkie! These counters make me happy.

  2. Tip: Use Sculpey/fimo polymer clays instead of procreate (epoxy putty).

    Polymer clays are cheaper than 2 part epoxy putties and they come in a vast array of colors!

    It'd be like making cookies! Press some silver or gold colored sculpey into the mold, release them and when you have a decent amount of them let them cure in the oven for like 3 minutes... a coat of dipping for both wash/deepen shadows and protection and here you go!

    BTW great stuff sir, as always!

  3. Those are really cool. I may have to copy this :)

  4. Thanks guys! Great idea Javi, I will grab some next time I'm at the art supply shop.

  5. Thanks for the idea - I am sure that I can find a use for this.


  6. For some reason, I can't find Oyumaru for sale in the United States. doesn't carry it.

  7. @ javi: Polymer clays don't work very well with Oyumaru. It's better to have something like the two parts epoxies that set up in the mold. Sculpey deforms when you try and pull it out and bits of it stick in the recesses.

  8. @ Chris: I got mine from here:

    It was a little cheaper when I bought mine. It might be worth it to find InstaMold in the states (same stuff, repacked).

  9. I've had great initial results with Instant Mold, so I'm not surprised this worked out well for you. Glad you got the cheaper variety too, I didn't have the patience to source that.

    The counters look amazing, anyway. Really well-used, like orcish coins or something. They'd make good currency for LARPing or whatnot.