Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Crom Skills

Eli over at I see lead people posted today about this topic:

"...there wasn't much to set one apart from the other. All 12 Dice characters would essentially be the same figure. To combat this we started looking into alternatives."

This is exactly what I was trying to address with my weapon and armor stats and musings on skill cards. After another think, a good solution that's streamlined (my favorite type of solution) is to combine all these ideas into one mechanic.
For me the best thing about Crom for a solo player is the suspense. You don't know exactly how an action will play out before you roll the dice. Therefore persistent skills are less interesting (to me).
Today's idea is that rather than skills, player characters are capable of Stunts. These are one off cool moves that you would see in a movie as a high point of a battle.

Example: Legolas in the LOTR movie skates down some stairs on a shield and shoots a goblin. This is a stunt. If Legolas always skated around on a shield it would be a persistant ability. It doesn't have to make a lot of sense, it's about a cool moment that demonstrates something about the character.

In this vein, I'm working on a set of Stunts that are either a cool maneuver or require specific equipment, but are still only one-shot abilities.
This way, the cards can be used in a tight spot, or to change the odds rather than simply making the character better all the time. 

Twin blades
Play after combat dice are rolled, either in attack or defence. Discard one enemy die of your choice.

Huge Weapon
Discard to add 1 hit to a successful attack

Steely Armor
Discard to stop one hit

Discard to change any 1 of your rolled move dice to a 6

Trick Shot
Discard to shoot at target out of your LOS

Discard to gain 2 movement dice for this turn

Battle cry
Discard to force enemies in contact to recoil

Mighty Thews
Discard to regain 1 burned dice

Discard to hide. If in rough terrain or next to blocking terrain, cannot be charged this turn

Discard to change a die rolled for initiative to a 6

Fight Dirty
Discard to force one foe in contact to lose all it's dice for the turn immediately

Nine Lives
Discard to recoil once, avoiding all damage from one attack

Discard to force one enemy group or figure to focus it's attacks on you

Discard after scoring a hit, target is subject to the poison rules

Discard to change any flipped activation card to that of one of your figures

That's all for now.. But I like where this is heading.


  1. Ha, we're feeding off one another's creative mojo here!

    In our group's rules for armor we used a movement penalty instead of an initiative penalty.

    I have also added rules for improvised weapons (bottles, rocks, clubs, etc).


  2. Eli,
    On that: unarmed attacks and improvised weapons (unless you mean thrown weapons) are only relevant if you can be disarmed.. I'm thinking of droppong my recoiling rule in favor of a damage roll for each hit, that can result in a recoil, a disarm or a lost dice. A blood bowl block dice could be good for this:
    Skull: no effect
    Arrow: push back/recoil
    bonk: dropped weapon
    flash: hit, lose a dice
    flash with !: hit unless armored

    Wish I had some block dice ;)