Monday, 17 October 2011

Crom Initiative Deck

Some simple cards

When I played Crom last, I was using color coded counters for the initiative deck. White for my guys, red for minions, yellow for the High priest, and black for the Twanax. This worked fine, but if I wanted to use any more types of figure I'd need cards as that's all the colors I have ;)

To make sure that I coud re-use them for different figures, I tried to use terms on the cards that would easily distinguish one figure from another, but were still kind of generic. Here's the list I came up with for my first 3 sheets of cards (9 to a card)

Player forces:
The Hero
The Thief
The Sage
The Merc
The Brute
The Dandy
The Beast
The Scout
The Hunter
The Fool
The Knight
The She Wolf

Evil forces:
She Devil
Evil Mage
Minion -1-3
Dark Master
High Priest

They are black and white and sparse to try to save on printer ink. I still might make counters and write the same names on them somehow, as counters or poker chips in a bag are actually quicker to "shuffle" than cards, but I thought of this just now. I like the terms at least.


  1. I like the list of extras. And I am interested in seeing a marker or two. What size [1/2"x1/2"?].

  2. Jay, I haven't started on the counters yet but I will make them uk penny sized if I do. I should see how long this game holds my interest before making any more stuff :)