Saturday, 15 October 2011

Copplestone Troll and Barbarian

More of these amazing figures painted. The secret really is doing one at a time.

Troll front and back

Scale comparison

Faked some pants!
The blonde guy got some gray pants to try to stop all these figures looking like Conan in different poses.
This pack could easily be used for one barbarian with different equipment and at different levels in an RPG game.


  1. I'm caught up in some kind of berzerker frenzy of nerding out!

    I need to actually play some games soon. I've packed away the paints tonight deliberately to achieve this. It's the beauty and the curse of solo gaming.. Nobody ever gets on my back to do anything. ;)

  2. They look so gorgeous!
    Really tempted to get me some of these.

  3. These really are awesome...Oh, and Trollhunter anyone?

  4. Really nice paint on the fighters. The troll reminds me of one of bosses of times past...big, rude, and dangerous.

  5. Very cool troll! this is all making me very tempted to pick some up.. like I don't have more projects than I have time for already ;)

  6. Fly across the pond, you won't be hurting on games to play and you know the food and drink will be top notch!

  7. Thanks guys, I'm playing a game of Crom right now, it's pretty cool!

    Mik- I have a lot of international commitments right now, and then there's the whole Visa situation.. But I'm sorely tempted!

  8. The troll looks great.
    Damn fine muscle highlighting on both barbarians.

    Even barbarians need trousers sometimes. :)

  9. Wow, that second guy is wearing some TIGHT pants. Like, David Bowie tight. Oh well, as long as they don't bunch up in a fight ;)

    All these neat new things available and me with zero painting time :P

  10. I have a veritable pewter mountain growing here, I feel your pain.