Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Copplestone Barbarian WIP

Incredible 15mm sculpting
Based on a news story from Dropship Horizon this week, I went over to the Copplestone Castings website to order some Snow Trolls. Somehow, nobody had alerted me to the fact that CC had also relased several other packs of Barbarians and "Northerners" which are Barbarians with beards.

I picked up the Northern Heroes pack and the Trolls, as I was already feeling very guilty for not starting the ones I had.

These minis are very very special. The sculpting is just ridiculously good. At first I was a bit scared of being able to do them justice with paint, but now that I've started one, it turns out that Mark Copplestone's 15mm sculpting style is very forgiving to the squinting 15mm painter. Clear areas of detail and good simple shapes that are easy to hit. Even the incredibly detailed face is a snap to paint as the detail is very deep with decent flat areas (like the forehead/brows and cheekbones) to catch your brush.

I thought the flesh was going to be difficult but it turned out not to be. Here's my simple recipe:

1. Black undercoat. Sounds crazy but will pay off getting the right amount of deep shadow.
2. GW Dwarf flesh base coat
3. GW Ogryn flesh wash. Applied with a brush, fairly heavy, not to the point of big pools though.

*At this point the flesh actually looked pretty good. If you used a slightly lightened base tone, you could easily stop for "rank and file" troops.

4. Highlight with thinned Dwarf flesh.

That's where I am for now. I'm going to do one more highlight with some Vallejo Basic Skintone mixed 30/70 with the Dwarf flesh to lighten it.

The rest of the figure is pretty simple and I'll do in browns. The sword will be interesting because I'm going to try NMM technique on these figures. Am I crazy? Lets find out.


  1. yeah I have been eyeing these guys off, I'm really trying not to expand my 15mm fantasy range, but a barbarian army is looking really good right now, I'm sure you will do these figures justice with your painting.

  2. Cheers Dan, I'm trying to keep this project small and high quality. The idea is I will restrict myself to Copplestone figs and a few Blood Dawn Orcs as adversaries. I may try WHAA or come up with an And One For All fantasy variant. I'm thinking micro-skirmishes.. 5 or so figs a side.

  3. The paintjob on the skin looks excellent. Great job. I've been thinking about getting some of these and you are making it hard to resist.

  4. Lots of detail on these minis. Nice paint, 'Jacker.

  5. I've been on the fence about ordering them, but thanks to you, I placed an order for them this morning!

  6. Very Nice! Skin looks great, hard to believe it's so trouble free.
    I'm a big fan of Coopleston's sculpting and these look every bit as good as the 28mm minis ranges.

    Yes, these are very tempting to pick up.

  7. It's a nice change from doing Sci-fi minis for over a year. Taking my time with these and doing 1-2 at a time.

    I've finished him now, just waiting for the basing grass to dry and get my camera going (this pic was taken by my iPhone)

  8. Copplestone's 10mm figures are also nice. Including a great Fellowship of the Ring, I might add.