Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cane Toad APC

Jon at Khurasan recently sent me this Cane Toad APC. I was going to paint it up for my Star Army forces, but the first two attempts at undercoating it failed due to me not cleaning it enough and release agent messing things up. So a heavy black spray undercoat was called for and the vehicle switched sides to Zeig.

Once I got going, a pretty easy paint job. Freehanding all the markings was the hardest bit, but I don't have any decals and a black tank looks pretty bland without some detail  like this. Apart from that it is 100% drybrushing grey over the black basecoat, then painting on the metal chips with plain old GW Mithril silver. A quick dirty wash to unify it, then the same colors I use on my bases drybrushed up in stages for the dirt. The window slit os green to match my Zeig eyepieces.

These photos were already released on TMP, sorry if you've already seen them ;)


  1. Really cool... can't wait to pick up a couple... and your paint work really makes it stand out. Great weathering and markings

  2. Excellent! I didn't know this APC, but i think it'll be on my Christmas list, tanks to you

  3. This is really awesome. I just got my copy of 5150, so im figuring all the rules out now. Can't wait to play it.

  4. I love the look of this, it's different: kind of half truck, half tank. And the name seem to fit. Your paint job, as always, would look good even in a much larger model.

    For multiple vehicles with large ID numbers etc on them... make stencils. Seriously. I've done this to make the Balkenkreuz crosses on Flames of War WW2 German vehicles, it just needs some slightly stiff paper and a VERY fresh X-acto blade :)

  5. Thanks people!

    Mr Harold- The weathering was the most fun on this one. The paint chipping was actually very easy and much less difficult than masking, which is how a lot of people do it.

    Impcommander- I haven't used any vehicles yet myself. I need to play a couple more missions to shake off the rust and then try a game with some.

    Allison- The paint job was inspired by Dave Taylor's Gaunt's Ghosts paint scheme. Stencils are a good idea.. Decals can be quite a pain.

  6. How big is it? I it looks like its got a few scale feet per side on the Locust, but I'm a bit unsure...

  7. Awesomesauce! So this is the black APC you mentioned. It is tough!

  8. Excellent paintjob, sir. It really brings out the character of the APC.


  9. very nice model and painting

  10. I have found that release agents have little or no effect on Testor's model master spray paint. I often use this spray paint as the base coat/primer for my miniatures.

    It coats evenly, it adheres VERY well to all forms of miniatures and it is oil based so there is no reaction when using acrylic paints - I would recommend controlling how much thinner is used when using oil based paints (like Testor's model master series) when using these sprays as the base coat to your models.

    Hope this helps out for any of your future projects!