Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Star Army Walkers

A converted AT-43 figure becomes a 15mm walker

I grew up on the Battletech with all the robots stolen from Macross and Dougram Anime, hated the clans, hated the preponderance of the chicken-walker mecha school. I like my robot suits to be classically robot-like. I love early Gundam too, especially the 079 era, and the 8th MS team series. So for my Star Army armor (I don't have room for tank battles) I'm using walkers.

This model is an AT-43 figure that has a bit of a MAK vibe that I like.

With a GZG UNSC Trooper, and 2 battle suits.
Before I painted it though, something had to be done about the guns. I wanted the beam weapon to be more of a gun and less of an underslung bazooka style weapon, so some chopping was in order.

Gun rebuilt
Gun mounted with extra stock
ProCreate hand-sculpted pack and roll,
Karman weapons repurposed as backpack

Once converted, I had to paint it. This was basically painting a 28mm figure, trying to make it look like an AFV. I think it came out good enough. I tried doing some metal -chipped battle damage, but I dont think I'm good enough at it at this scale. Still, he looks great with my GZG UNSC figures so I'm happy with the end result.

For my next conversion, I'll be trying to make a Red Blok Kolossus look like a Cult of Andromeda or Lhurrg mecha!


  1. Already left a message but it didn't take, this turned out awesome, love the M.a.K look, I will be using converted GZG 25mm NSL power armour for a similiar looking SAFS, and will use Blue moons post human command and orian republic troops as the infantry, I also have a Kolossus in the pile, still deciding what to do with that.

  2. Impressive job! How do you'll play it? Like a BTA or an AFV?

  3. Cheers guys!
    Dan- I have 2 Kolossi 1/2 painted in grey for my old Zeig forces (Titan marines) but will be using at least one rebuild I did as beat-up Lhurrg one. I'm going to try metallic-painting it then stippling on yellow.

    Kobayachimaru- As a light tank. I am using the GZG suits in the second photo as BTA's. I still need some Exo-armor troops, which I am thinking of Artcrime for.. They are expensive though, so will probably have to wait.

  4. I like how you always dive in and make things looks easy. I don't know what's up with my productivity lately, if this doesn't inspire me I don't know what will.

    I've got three of the Kolossus hero sitting in a box, don't even know why I didn't think 15mm...

  5. I enjoy your enthusiasm and creativity in your modeling and gaming, 'Jacker. Keep the bashing, scratch-building, and conversions coming.

  6. Very nice.
    Now let's cry together for Rackham... miss their inventive and very detailed minis a lot! :(

  7. Hmm, one could do this with so many power-armored 28mm figures. Though this design is particularly suitable due to the dehumanizing effect of the carapace over the head and torso. Nice work.

    And I agree... when Battletech had to start designing their own mechs... they generally sucked at it.

  8. Too Cool Junior!

    As for commenting on Fasa and Battletech, well I won't.

    I understand others love of Big stompy Robots, it wasn't until Shirow's Appleseed and Landmates I understood. I have a whole passel of Gears from DP9 that I got at flea market a few years ago. You give me inspiration of what to do with them....

  9. Those look really nice!

    I remember the first time I watched Dougram anime in the early 90's... so cool to see the mecha I knew from Battletech animated, and yet the anime itself was completely incomprehensible.

  10. Love it: it looks great.
    So much good conversion potential in AT-43 minis.

  11. Thanks guys, I've just completed some terrain and some Red Blok Kollossus.. New post as soon as I can get some decent photos taken.