Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Grenade Launcher Conversion

All painted up

As my UNSC collection lacks a grenade launcher, I set about one of my spare SAW troopers. I planned to do something with this mini anyway, as the SAW is not that easily distinguishable from a rifle for me.

I wouldn't ordinarily convert a painted figure like this, but hey.. It's 15mm. If it all goes wrong I'll buy another whole fireteam for like £3.

So I whipped out my clippers and snipped off the end of the gun, then puttied on some bits to help it stand out. The magazine is supposed to be a big drum full of 40mm grenades, and I gave him some packs to carry ammo in on his back. I'm getting faster with the putty.. This only took about 20 minutes :)

A snip here, putty there.. Grenade launcher!
I scored in some lines on his packs after the putty hardened a little. I painted the gun casing green to distinguish it a bit from the squad SAW.

I'm all set for my next game now. Fingers crossed we meet some hostiles this time ;)


  1. Looking forward to the next batrep, you may talk me into getting a copy myself.

  2. Very nicely done.
    I wish all 15mm squad support weapons were as stylish and as easy to spot in a crowd.

  3. Tht's a very nice conversion, and I love the way you did your face shield.

  4. Cheers guys!

    Joe- I think my UNSC color scheme might be the most-copied on the blogs at the moment.. Which is very flattering from my point of view. Also rather humbling when other people do it better than I did!

    Check these out, they are fantastic and blow mine away:

  5. That's some mighty fiddly conversion work. I've done conversion on 15 mm Flames of War figures and my god. It's like my eyeballs were going to fall out.

    Your nice paint jobs aside, I have to say I really like these sculpts. With those big faceplates they have a very "spacey" feel to them.

  6. To be honest it was easy. I wouldn't have thought so, but the scale means that all I'm usually doing is applying a blob, then patting the sides into shape with my home-made sculpting tool (a pin in a handle with the end flattened) until the desired box or tube shape is achieved. Sculpting a backpack in 28mm would require a lot more detail.

    The Ground Zero Games UNSC are really cool figures. I might even get some more to paint in a different scheme.

  7. consider your idea for an AGL and increased Mag cap for the SAWs stolen :D.

  8. Cleverly ambitious and effective.