Sunday, 11 September 2011

Khurasan's Cult Of Andromeda

I gambled on painting the the rifles black/grey for contrast and I'm glad I did.

Khurasan has just released a new range of models called the "Cult of Andromeda". They have strong mythos overtones but are firmly sci-fi in terms of weapons. You could probably stretch to steampunk though if you wanted to use them for less spacey battles. I've got some of the Naga Halberds done too, but Jon hasn't released the photos yet so I'll hold off posting them until he does or gives me the OK.

I went for an Egyptian feel for these models, as I didn't want them to look just like my Thulids. These I did  with an all-green color scheme that I think came out rather well.

Thulids in deep green robes and sickly green flesh.. Spooky!

They came out so well in fact, that I'm considering selling off my Octopods and investing in more of these. 

Finally, here is a multi-tentacled beast that reminds me of a Shoggoth...

Look at all those tentacles!

With the Octopus God and a cultist for scale.
The big beasts are on 50mm bases, the cultist on a 20mm


  1. Great minis and paint jobs.
    I really like the unsaturated colors and I think I need to rethink the colors I intended to use for my chewks now ;)
    Do you know when is the full Khurasan shop back online? Looking at the new Cult andromeda and the thulids I want to ally them to my chewk army now, they look like they will fit very nice side by side.

  2. Nice update! Those reptile ones are quite cute. Love the skin color you went with.

  3. Love the tentacle beast. Is that a Khurusan mini too?

  4. These look so awesome, I love the scales on the heads in the first two pics. You make this stuff always look so effortless, kudos.

  5. Thanks everyone! These figures are really nice and also pretty speedy to paint.
    Bugman- Jon says on TMP, maybe a month or so.
    Redmenace- yes it's a Khurasan indeed
    Mik- the Naga are plain Gretchin green with a wash of Gryphonne sepia. The scales get picked out nicely by the wash. These were a good bit easier than the first lot of cultists in the red robes.

  6. These are brilliant, man you are a good painter.

  7. Nice! I love that there are now pulp/modern AND sci-fi versions of the Octopus Cult. Are the top figures' heads interchangeable as well? They also look like modified Octopus cultist sculpts.

  8. Shucks Dan, you are no slouch yourself mate!

    Allison- Yes, he heads are all interchangeable. You end up with a spare each pack too, so you can convert other models!

  9. Did the Cult Of Andromeda ever get released? Went there today (10/30/12) to look for them and had no luck. Not the easiest site to navigate mind you but I looked under a few different categories.