Saturday, 17 September 2011

Khurasan Naga Blaster-Halberdiers

The Cult of Andromeda expands!

Jon just gave me to OK to show off the Naga figures with Halberd-blasters. I like the way the black hafts look with the gold bits.

Now these are out of the bag, expect to see them facing Lt. Duke's Star Army boys. Presuming of course, that they survive the Lhurgg campaign...


  1. You never cease to amaze me with your 15 milimeters'

    Well, maybe pun intended.

  2. What are these bases? The small 20mm round ones? Or something different?

    I am still undecided on what to use for my minis. I used washers for 20mm, but I don't like it how paint chips off of them...

  3. Again, nice. I almost think these guys look better in those robes than the octopus ones do. I also like their little fangs, grr argh!

  4. Javi- Thanks! I think..

    Mahon-The bases are 20mm plastic slot bases.

    Allison- I think these ones look a bit more sci-fi somehow.. I don't know why.