Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Elder Sign!

Sweet solo goodness
Tonight I was too tired to paint miniatures, but my girlfriend went out for a girl's night so I had the perfect opportunity to test out a solo game of a different sort.

I recently treated myself to Elder sign and Gears of war from Fantasy flight games. Gears of war looks really cool... A card and dice driven co-op/solo battle game... But I think I'd like to paint the (excellent) figures up before I play that.. So Elder sign it was.

Elder sign is also a co-op/solo game, played with custom dice and a variety of cards. I'm too tired to fully explain it after battling Cthulhu (where I got sidetracked and lost my place so started again) and Yig (Who tore Dexter Drake, magician, apart).

But once you get the hang of it, it's a very suspenseful game of resource management and nail-biting rolls of dice. Can you collect enough Elder signs to seal away the evil and win? Or will the Doom track fill up and the Elder God be summoned into the world? (Yes, says Dexter Drake) Either way it's a ton of Lovecraftian fun.. And pretty reasonably priced at around £25 as it has a great deal of replay value.

Highly recommended for the soloist.


  1. That sounds like a cool game. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with painting up the Gears of War, too.

  2. I really fancy that Elder sign. Well Geras of War too I've to say, lucky you!

  3. I had no idea there was a Gears of War game, after reading up on it I am very interested in hearing your take on it. Elder Sign, from everything I've heard and seen, just seems awesome in general.

  4. I played again tonight while the GF watched youtube videos..
    This time:
    I drew Dr. Vincent Lee. His ability to heal 1 stamina for free every turn was very useful.
    Vincent managed to collect 8 Elder signs as he battled the forces of Nyarlathotep, and was looking strong, defeating a vampire with a tommy gun... But then disaster! A gross miscalculation of the dangers of an enclosed closet saw Vincent fail to complete the adventure, causing him to lose his last sanity point and be devoured! This tragic event caused the doom track to fill up, summoning dread Nyarlathotep! I simultaneously drew another investigator... Who would stand alone against the horror? F*** no! Dexter Drake? The plucky magician managed to knock four tokens off the elder god (with silk kerchief tricks or something I suppose) before midnight struck, and as Dexter could not be said to have a clue (token) he himself was devoured, ending the game.

    So much fun!

    Gears of war later in the week.. I guess I could try it unpainted. ;)

  5. nice timing, the GOW 3 videogame has been released... today! :) I''ll be looking forward both games tho (time to google 'em)