Sunday, 18 September 2011

5150 Star Army R.D.S

Pimped out!

Okay, after a lot of thinking, I figured out a squad record sheet replacement that has the following characteristics:

Reusable/Rewritable without pen or pencil.
Small footprint
Easy to read
Easy to make
Easy to share :)

(For a millisecond I thought about making them all deluxe and selling them on RPGnow, but it's such a simple idea that there's probably little point.)
In the spirit of THW pseudo-military acronyms, I christen this invention the RDS... Roster Dice Sleeve.

From left to right: Squad REP, Leader REP, Ast. Leader REP.

Squad (in white) and platoon number (in yellow) on the ends.

 I'm really pleased with them!


  1. That is very creative, as usually.

    Do you plan to share it with us by downloadable free pdf?

  2. Bowing in awe. Design elegance demonstrated.

  3. I like em, will there be a PDF? :D

  4. Thanks guys! I will post the finished sheet here when I've done skins for PDF, rebels, Hishen etc.

  5. Fantstic! Very creative :)

  6. Almost worth exclaiming with an 'f' bomb!

  7. Nathan- They are commonly available 12mm dice.. The kind you get in a GW dice pack.

    Mik- F-bomb indeed.. I haven't ever been so excited about a small strip of cardstock ;)

  8. Nice job on this and card sized QRS. But where in 5150 SA can we know how determine SQUAD REP ?

  9. Page 9, "Unit organization", Rep.

  10. Thank you, didn't see it the first time I read it.