Wednesday, 14 September 2011

5150: Star Army Mission 2

Star Army 8
Lhurgg 4

Star Army Investment Level: 3

Weather clear, daytime
Ariel recon OK
Intel level 3
Good intel. Lhurgg Investment Level: 3

Lt. Duke: "Looks simple enough."
Command: "We've lucked out. Your patrol revealed a weak point in their perimeter, practically unguarded. We're sending you in to push the point."

Mission: Attack! (Enemy on patrol)

Command: "Take your whole platoon and an HMG team, hit those alines hard!"

House rule time!
I don't have 24 painted troops. Also, I play on a 2x2 mat, so those kinds of figure counts are getting too high for my taste. Therefore I have taken a major liberty with the force organization charts. In my campaign a Squad is 4 men. A platoon is 12 men. Platoon leader is part of squad 1.

Mission objective: Destroy the enemy!

Walking in. This battle I figured I'd have enough to handle so I just skipped the insertion sequence.

The platoon:
1st Squad, 3rd Squad, 2nd Squad, HMG Team

1st Squad Rep 3
Led by SCOPES rep 5
Asl rep 4

2nd squad Rep 3
Led by MALONE rep 4
Asl rep 4

3rd Squad Rep 4
Led by DUKE Rep 5
Asl rep 4

HMG Team :rep4

I rolled up the battlefield. A bit less terrifying than last time

Terrain rolled up
My fancy new PEF counters. Still need flock.
The first PEF charged out cover. False alarm, just the wind blowing garbage around.

False alarm
First and Third squads rush forward to cover, while the HMG team tries to get a line of sight on the buildings with PEFs reported inside.

The next PEF is another false alarm. One left. Duke's team moves up with the RF Laser on point.

Lt. Duke:"Take it easy boys. Lhurgg guns are shorter range than ours. Cover all your angles."

The RF laser trooper is first to get eyes on the PEF area. The PEF resolves as 1 squad in defensive position.

As I was out of matching terrain, instead of adding another piece, I improvised the setup by rearranging the buildings, moving the "better" building back to be the defensive position and and swapping the worse one forward. I think this is in the spirit of the rules, representing a positive ID on the area compared to an earlier general idea.

Gulp. Some enemy.. Now it's on!

This part of the PEF procedure always confuses me. The PEF just resolved and the Star Army are the ones who are moving, so The Lhurgg roll an "in sight" test (in response to the Star Army figure that resolved the PEF.)

The Lhurgg pass 2 dice but as their SMGs are out of range, they duck back. As they have ducked back, the RF laser can't see them and cannot fire.

Star army wins the next initiative. The HMG can now see a Lhurgg in cover on the roof of the building. A quick burst sees the unfortunate alien ripped apart, Obviously Dead.

Jenkins: "Whoooo! First blood, you naked bastards!"

The Lhurgg  pass their man down test and carry on.. But  duck back as the Star Army come into view out of range. 1st squad attempts to flank, but their low rep makes fast moves awkward. They end up getting in the way of the HMG team somewhat.

Lt. Duke sits out of range and aims at the building with his men in a line.

Squad 2 loses a man to SMG fire as they get into position. The  Grenade Launcher cant get a shot.

Crunch time. The Grenade Launcher moves into position.. But the targets duck out of sight.

Over on Duke's side, the RF laser spits death and blasts a Lhurgg out of cover, out of the fight.

1st squad moves around the flank.. The Lhurgg leader fails it's in sight test! 1st Squad only has rep 3 however and their fire has no effect.

Star army wins activation again.

3rd squad continues to move around out of range, causing the Lhurgg to duck back again. As they are all in cover in a building, I am assuming they are not compelled to move anywhere, but just become ducked back. I hope this is correct.

2nd squad GL fires and misses. Apparently this means no effect. Lhurgg pass their received fire test and carry on.

Lhurgg Leader:"Where are our reinforcementsss! We are pinned down in this rat trap!"

1st squad moves up firing aggressively, but hits nothing due to cover. The Lhurgg leader is deadly accurate with his return fire and tags Scopes, taking him out of the fight. This leaves 1st squad in a bad way.
Scopes goes down

Initiative roll double 3. Random Event.. Sniper! 2nd squad is targeted and a shot rings out. The Grenade launcher trooper is down and out of the fight.

Malone: "Goddammit! Wilkins, help me drag these bleeders out of the sh*t!!"

The Lhurgg win initiative, but are too low rep to activate.

A 1st squad trooper runs forward and tries to ready a grenade.. Drops it. Rolls under his rep and goes prone as a result.

Scopes:"Aggh.. You green sonofabitch.. <passes out>"

Another trooper retrieves Scopes. The Lhurgg leader ducks back after an exchange of fire.

3rd squad's RF laser once again churns up the ruins and takes the last warrior out of the fight. The leader carries on, but is badly surrounded.

Squad 1 and the Lhurgg leader exchange ineffectual fire while 3rd Squad flanks and takes the leader down stunned with another deadly burst of RF laser fire.

Lt. Duke:"Get some!"

The trooper that dropped the grenade runs forward and captures the stunned leader...

Lhurgg Leader:"No Reinforcementssss...Ugh."

Secure that prisoner!
Star Army Win!

Post battle
One man from squad 2 is obviously dead and gets a replacement. Everyone else recovers from their wounds and returns to duty.

SA Morale: 9
L morale: 3

Lurg investment level -1

Command:"They are on the run by the looks of it, Duke. Nice work."
Lt. Duke:"It was sloppy. These boys are too green."
Command:"Then brown them up. Dismissed!"

A great game. I had to do an awful lot of scrolling back and forth through the rules, but mostly to make sure I was doing everything right. I think if I make up my own set of custom QRS sheets it will not be a problem again.
I'm impressed with how once the game gets going, there is next to no bookkeeping, and I could remember most of the relevant squad stats in my head or by looking at the minis. Really cool stuff in that regard.

The poor Lhurgg didn't bring enough troops to this battle and were shot up a treat. 1st Squad's rep of 3 was a big liability and the Lhurgg managed to pass all their man down and received fire tests with aplomb.

I've had an idea regarding a squad counter with 3 dice in it to track Squad Rep, Leader Rep, A.Leader rep and a 4th for star power for the star. If these are color coded, it will be an easy way to keep squad records without paper or pencil.

This BatRep was picture heavy, which was kind of fun but really slowed me down and ruined the immersion a little. I think I'll stick to a before and after shot in future.


If you decide to buy the rules, I strongly advise reading through them and playing out learning encounters as the books instructs you to. It is done very much in the style of video game tutorials, where it introduces the mechanics a little at a time. You learn to move and shoot before you even introduce the vehicles or random events.

For example:

This completes the vehicle section of the rules. I suggest that you play a small game with one or two vehicles per side to get used to the game mechanics. Once you have learned where to look on the QRS while you're gaming and how the mechanics work you can move on to bigger battles and learn how to add structures and terrain."

A very nicely considered approach and once again, far superior to previous versions.


  1. Nice report! Your troops look so great.
    And you are right, it's really helpful to print the QRS sheets separately.

  2. Thanks! I just noticed I did one thing wrong. I forgot to re-arrange the terrain into like-with-like after my initial rolls. I don't think it's a big deal though. As I make my specific 5150 terrain I will probably fudge the chart anyway.

    I'm considering the idea of making CD or plastic bases with scenic elements all pre-arranged and classed as open, cluttered etc. That way I can just throw down big pieces into the grid rather than arranging little pieces individually.

    For laughs I might try my next battle on my modular vault terrain...Setup time zero!

  3. Great AAR Spacejacker!
    Love your PEF counters.

  4. Very entertaining... "Brown them up" indeed! lol.
    The skulls on the PEF markers are a wicked touch.

  5. I am following your campaign reports with great attention and interest. Still haven't tried 5150:SA but loved the original 5150. People say 5150:SA plays even better, so I am sure I will love it :)

  6. Great report, and I like the idea of smaller squad sizes too... and it seems to have worked just as well.

  7. Great AAR with excellent terrain and figs - I am A 2x2 Board merchant too - keep it manageable :)

  8. You're doing it right. Everything looks great, everything flowed the way a THW flows, you're doing it right.

  9. Great game. I like the narrative. I just got my copy of the rules and am itching to try them out.


  10. As Chris said, Great game, love the store so far, this actually inspired me to buy all three sets for 5051SA they currently have posted up on THW site. And don't worry about the pictures slowing up that action, I thought it added to it.

  11. Thanks again everyone, I'm having a lot of fun.

    Banshee- Whoohoo! I feel like I just graduated!

    Christopher- before you buy, you should know that 5150: Star Army is a new product and the other 2 books on sale are for the *older system*.
    I expect they would probably still work ok, but you might want to check around first.

  12. Great AAR. Please do not resign of photos in battle, please! We love it!

  13. Ack so! Now he tells me. I guess since I already got them I will make the best of it. If nothing else the other stuff provides some interesting background info.

  14. Enjoyed the "ride!" Exciting, fun, and furious!

  15. I buyed the game today, after reading your review! :)