Friday, 16 September 2011

5150 Accessories

So naturally when I start playing a new game, instead of actually playing more games I get down to the distracting business of building lots of stuff I may or may not need to play it with.

First of all, I'm making some QRS sheets. The ones in the book are fine actually, but as I use a PDF, it gets tiresome hopping around while learning. I am also pushed for space (as I often moan about on this blog) so I like playing-card sized QRS rather than big sheets. It's also fun in a perverse way, trying to fit lots of information onto a tiny card.

Here's my first couple:

Click for full size

Click for full size

I'm doing a reaction card for each faction, using the one Weapons QRS I have done above, a shooting/damage card (that I will likely not need after a couple more game, it's very simple) and probably a PEF summary card, then a Card for each of the 3 different enemy tactics charts. I'm considering a weapons vs vehicles chart for the back of the infantry weapons card.. Apparently the chart is different though I haven't checked how.

Next, my PEF counters came out so nice it got me thinking. If I can ID my figures' equipment by looking at them WYSIWYG, then why not make some kind of model for the rest of the info?
All that's left to know in a game is the armor type (I can easily remember that) and the Squad's REP, the Leader's REP and the Assistant leader's REP.

Here are some ideas I scribbled down:

Which style is your favorite?

These wouldn't need to be on the actual table I suppose, but they would at least look nice and take up very little room. The ones on plastic bases could be made with stuff I already have (Always a huge plus) but getting the other ones laser cut from acrylic might be awesome too. Whichever way, I love that they are easily reconfigurable with simple color coded dice.

Note: I do realize that a small notepad would easily solve this as well, but if I can play a game solely with models, cards and dice, it will put a smile on my face.

Finally, I got a "defensive position" result in my last game and had no specific model to represent it. I have exceeded my gaming budget for the moment by buying solo board games so I wanted something cheap or free, that I could make easily (as I have said many times, I'm lazy and cheap).

Here is a quick design that requires only foamcore rectangles, with the corners cut off:

If I make 2 of each, it should be enough for most games. I will need some bunkers, which should be easy enough, and some buildings. I am deciding between GZG shacks and modules (Nice and small) Old Crow buildings (Good value larger buildings) and hand made (Cheapest but unlikely to get finished any time soon).

So much to do, so little time!


  1. I love your idea for the squad IDs. I toss my vote in for the (DogTag) version.
    And if here are some more ides for terrain.
    Check out the GameCraft European City Buildings and there foam Board series.
    And don't forget Combat Wombat, for some more options.

  2. Awesome stuff. Actually I was thinking about something similar, but never got down to making the stuff. Maybe because I often lose some time to translate QRS's to Polish to make the games easier to play with others if I ever have an opportunity. But I gotta try the idea with card-sized QRS's.

    Regarding the squad info trackers - I'd go for the option with a base. This way you can keep the additional base on your table next to the squad so you have all the info at hand.

  3. I love your ideas and I'll use your QRS sheets.
    You should have a look to the stuff I made to help 5150:SA players:



  4. Your rough sketches look better than my finished pieces! Good stuff all around, I'll be snagging the QRS' as well and look forward to more PEF progress.

  5. Good man - great ideas here!

  6. Thanks guys!

    Typically, after looking into all kinds of expensive alternatives, I came up with a squad roster object that is print 'n play.. I think you'll like it :)

  7. wow, very useful post and full of resources... and I buyed 5150 today!!! ^v^