Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I painted these a while ago and had been putting off photographing them because of the eyes. Painting eyes on a 15mm figure is a tricky business... Many sculpts don't really have eyes, more just hollows. I think this actually looks better a lot of the time and is easy to paint. These models are amazingly detailed, but the eyes are so deep-set I'm not sure I can get a brush tip in without hitting the edges of the face. I think eyeballs look best on creatures where they can be a bit cartoony. Anyway, I kind of gave up for the moment and declared them done.

Apart from the big Alien guy, these figures are a bit on the small side. Compared to the newer 18mm-ish UNSC models, these look like teenagers. Maybe not a bad thing. They scale a lot better with old true 15mm models than newer sculpts that tend toward 18mm. Compared to the Khurasan post-apoc line or the GZG UNSC, these guys look noticeably smaller.

Great models, they have inspired me to dig out all the traveller minis I went to great trouble buying then never painted.

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  1. Hi SJ, these are terrific, I have a set of these 3 exterminators and 3 DIMOG sets winging their way down under at this very moment, the blue of the big un looks good, I was thinking red for mine, cheers

  2. Cheers mate. I very nearly did mine red too... And now I want to go back and change it :)

    I need some new brushes, then I think I may be able to do more with the eyes on these suckers.

  3. eyes on 15mm is pretty keen, I've done them on 1/72 before but never 15mm.

  4. They look great! For me eyes are not so important in 15mm. It must be a real pain to do it.

  5. Very nicely done,'Jacker.

  6. They look great! They're all good, but for whatever reason I'm especially loving the robot.

    It can be very frustrating with the scale difference between 15 & '18' mm. I had an idea of converting some WWII British for 15mm sci fi, got the miniatures and gave up on the idea when the '15mm' minis were far too small compared to the majority of my '15mm' sci fi. It's seems to be even a far greater scale problem than say the difference between 28mm of Foundry & 'heroic' 28mm.

  7. I exactly know how you feel... I'm also putting off my photography session due to self criticism (and mostly lazyness).

    Don't be that harsh, your eyes on 15mm scale are far better than most of others' works I've seen. Even some of what I've seen in 28mm LMAO!


  8. That is some great detailed work matey. Still, i doubt though if I`ll ever going to do eyes on 15s hehe

  9. They have so much character for such little minis! With the big blue dude on board, they're kind of like the Mass Effect crew if they couldn't buy the fancy armour and generally had a financial situation closer to Han Solo's :)

    I too think the robot is great, can't say why but maybe it's his "come at me bro" pose and his rusty white paint finish.