Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Garn warrior and Hegemon

Back view

I couldn't wait to get to these, and I had a chance last night to get paint on this small elite unit. The putty conversions came out well.. Subtle but exactly the look I was after.
 I realize now that their uniforms are exactly the same color scheme as my recent post-apoc paintjobs.. But hey, I make no apologies.. The lime green skin makes up for it I think.

Old and new Garn Warriors

Back view
The warriors are a mix of original figures and the new, which are one piece castings. I definitely recommend mixing them, as it creates a really nice diversity of pose.

Finally, I finished off my spare Flesheater. I painted him with brown skin and white ceramic armor, so he sits well with the other one, while looking different to the other regular troops I have.

Here's a final shot of all my Garn together.. Not much of a cohesive theme, but at least the different units are easy to tell apart!



  1. Wow - those are awesome. Hope my 28mm Garn turn out as nice!

  2. Sir,

    You put my Garn to shame! BTW, is the leader giving the camera the finger?

  3. "The Bird" evolved from the Dinosaur.

  4. Loved the red ones (and how their lighter bellies gave them some sort of 'realistic' feel) and how they set apart from the regular green lizzards but wow...

    Giant crocs! I bet it's something engraved nto people's mind; to picture reptiles green and thus making much "sense" in a subconscious way.

    I'm kinda confused right now. Loved the space reptiles but those mutant crocs rocked my boat!

    Maybe I have a crush for bright color schemes :P

  5. Wait... where the hell do you find time to complete so much (awesome) work !?

    I call shenanigans !

    Yeah, 15 is quicker to do but damn. So many stuff done and crafted to that level (even the pics you take are darn good) makes me feel like a lazy handless person...

  6. Javi- I've always been a very fast painter. I don't have much of an attention span though, so I find doing little warbands or units preferable to armies. These 7 Garn models took me about 4 hours in total.

  7. What are you using for bases?

  8. I always thought their heads looked too large, but seeing them here- especially the ones in green I'm thinking they're better balanced than I thought. The green looks great.

    Really nice paint jobs. I think the muted brown is my favorite (really nice tone), but I suspect from a short distance or more the green is going to be more eye catching.

  9. Thanks people!

    The brown is nice, I agree.. However my gaming surfaces are Calthan brown so I try to avoid it as a main color. My Octopoda suffered from this.

    The bases are 20mm plastic slotta bases from em-4/ (I stole the basing style from

  10. Beautiful paint jobs. I really like the brown and white on the Flesheater.

  11. Looks great. I have my flesheater and Lord figs to do for my GARN yet. Love the figs.

    The Flesheater, because of the sculpt of the mouth and head, always reminded me of a supervillain with a costume on. Like Sidewinder or something. I keep expecting to see a human face in the open mouth. I am alsways amused.

  12. OMG. Really nice paint job. You should be proud of those.

  13. Looking good, your choice of colours reminds me of the old computer games where the monsters kept the same graphic but changed colour as the levels progressed and the difficulty got harder...

    Your trousers make the model :)