Monday, 25 July 2011

All my 15mm Zombies

I tried speed-painting these conversions I did of zombies from GZG sci-fi civillian miniatures to bulk out my other zombies.. The idea was to make space station crew or a science team that had been zombified.
The original plan was to replace their heads with Peter Pig skull heads.. but the skulls were so small that it didn't look any good to me. I tried using a couple anyway.. They ended up looking better as base decoration.
Heart-shot, no-eyes, meatface, skully

Intestines-out, brain-out, no-face, porter
While it was a fun project, they are actually a little small next to my other Khurasan zombies. When in a mass though, they are OK I suppose.

Mixed blue zombies

All my zombies
I have one pack of 7 Khurasan zombies left unpainted... Blue or fleshtone/bloody? Hmm..


  1. you know what SJ, I think your converted GZG Zs are better then the Khurasan Zs, I think they are fanbloodytastic, I have a few Khurasan Zs to do, I will keep this in mind when I do mine.

  2. Cheers Dan! The GZG conversions were very easy, just a few snips with clippers and then tiny blobs of putty. Having seen your putty work, you could do them in a snap.

  3. I love your sci-fi civilian zombies. Did you drill the holes into the ones with "gunshot wounds?"

  4. Yes, I used a pin vice to drill holes into them. I know the effect isn'texactly subtle, but in 15mm, subtle just don't work ;)

  5. That's quite a horde. And the colours mixed together better than I would have thought. The converted GZG zombie "squad" are great, especially since they sort of look like some kind of scientific or military group that were overcome and zombified together... which unfortunately happens a lot during these outbreaks.

    PS: thanks for the blog comment... I'm a relative newcomer to 15 mm minis, they're a lot of fun.

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  7. I keep looking for Michael Jackson in the bottom photo ;) You need a guy in a red jacket.

  8. They look amazing. Using the bright colours lets them stand out and works really well at 15mm. Must get together soon for a chat, trade and game!

  9. Cheers Robin, yes we must... I want to see how my Garn fare in Gruntz!

  10. Nice minis but despide agreeing that zombie hide can go from greyish blues to pale greens or purples, the blue you are using lokks weird to me.

    M;aybe it's just me but looks way too bright (vampire or ghost -or even ghoul or mummy- flesh come to my mind instead of zombie)

    Anyways, lovable stull you delivered sir!