Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Recycled material terrain

A new terrain tile.. But what's it made of?

I was so happy with how my vault system turned out, I have been thinking about additional modules to make. For some variety, I decided that some more open sections were in order. There was one hitch, I was down to 5 mosaic tiles.
Looking around the kitchen, I noticed the styrofoam (?) tray that supermarket pizza comes with. It seemed a good thickness and density to make some terrain out of.

Co-op pizza tray
I cut a foamcore square and a matching slice of this stuff, using PVA to glue them together. Once dry, I used a steel ruler and a normal pencil to scribe in the detail. It was surprisingly easy and I think the same technique would be even better on quality blue or pink foam.

Before and after
detail close up

I hand painted the tile codex grey with a large brush. The paint didn't stick that well, but with a few coats it was fine. A wash of badab black (mistake.. It smells terrible in such a large amount, even when dry) and grey, then white drybrushing was applied. I did a final wash of future wax and a little bit of tobacco ink to give it some character and try to kill the badab black smell.

All in all, a very easy, cheap and quick way to make a 5x5 tile. The only disadvantage is that it is very light compared to my weighty mosaic tile pieces. My only problem now is how to store all this stuff. I suppose I should be happy it's not 28mm scale.

Thanks for looking!


  1. That's really excellent -- I like this project and technique a lot.

  2. I call shenanigans! Come on, now you're taking random garbage from the kitchen and still producing top notch, great-looking terrain? I give up!

    I wonder if the family wouldn't mind some supermarket pizza for dinner...

  3. When I were a lad, you had to make all your own terrain out of garbage! Mind you, 40k vehicles were made out of old zoids and deodorant bottles too. Times were tough.

  4. You should choose a suitcase for storing your kit so you can come visit Vancouver!

  5. Spacejacker


    Deodorant anti grav vehicles FTW !!1! The one in the 40K rogue trader book is a legend ;)

    Besides, I wish my pizzas came with that. Sure they are tasty (you know, mediterranean people excel at that) but no free styrofoam nor excuse to litter home with scenery for me Sir. :(

  6. Forgot... tobacco ink ? I bet it's not future wax + marboro. Rather expensive wash! :)

    Seriously, it's something from "secret weapon" washes or what ?

  7. Thanks fellas.. Nothing like a bit of DIY.

    Haha, Javi, no it's just normal Windsor & Newton tobacco colored acrylic drawing ink. It didn't make a huge difference, but enough to take the edge off the plain gey/white drybrushing.

  8. That's an idea I'll definitely steal if I ever transition to 15mm dungeoncrawls. And I have seen pink insulation board that same thickness... Home Depot and Lowes sell them in large folded quantities.

  9. Really excellent stuff! Might have to try this...