Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Xenos- Using Plastic Tyranid Rippers

Here is a line-up of the Tyranid Ripper models I am using for 15mm Forlorn:Hope.

L to R: Hatchling, Drone, Warrior, Blaster
They are very easy to paint, but less easy to base and convert (in the case of the Hatchlings) which have exhausted my Greenstuff supply. I have ordered some Procreate but it hasn't shown up yet.

I didn't want to do dark colored Xenos, as I expect the spaceship will end up dark and metallic and I want to be able to ID them easily during play.

Here's a shot of them for scale with some Micropanzer SAS troopers.

I've ordered some Hirst Arts Industrial edge pieces from the very helpful Mark at Tabletop Buildings NL. They are very reasonably priced and I think will help make a fantastic looking board.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love em! Love the bases as well. Nice work. They look super big against the Micropanzer food, I mean "trooper". ;)

  2. Awesome! These look great.
    I did the same thing: took the rippers I had and based them for 15mm: they make ideal scary threats!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Ive done all the Hatchlings now (14) but have stalled on the rest due to the basing materials running out. I still have 14 Drones, 7 Warriors, 7 Blasters to go.. Yikes.

  4. Pretty nice, the bases are very good also.

  5. Those look great! Those base outstanding. All the more so for being hand-sculpted, and the paint jobs are excellent.

  6. Hi,

    Great job and very inspiring! Could you give a brief explanation how you did your sci-fi bases?

  7. Nice work on these - I like the evolution of colour schemes.

    I have listed listed you for the viral "Stylish Blogger Award", details here:


  8. Looks like there is a rash of "Stylish Blogger" award nominations going around. Consider yourself nominated a 2nd time.

    Keep up the great work.