Friday, 22 April 2011

GZG Alien Mercenary

Ground Zero Games 15mm Alien Mercenary
Taking a break from painting Hatchlings and Drones for Forlorn:Hope, I relaxed by painting just one of my GZG Alien mercs.

I didn't want to do them as Orks or straight up Mangalores.. So decided on flesh tone with a uniform to fit with some of my other mercenary forces. I'm especially pleased with how the black on the back of the mini came out. The shading is nice and the tone contrasts nicely with the harness detail.

To help him look less barbaric, I painted his chest as if it were wearing a vest. The base is hand sculpted as I based the model before I began press-molding them.

Very nice mini to paint. Looking forward to finishing the rest!


  1. It looks great! Keep them coming!

  2. What Paulie said.
    You paint like I sculpt...

  3. I agree, They look better as non space Orcs, your colour is a good choice.

  4. I concur.
    Please forgive me stealing Your set of colours of mercenaries uniforms, it's brilliant.

  5. Looks awesome!
    I'd been thinking of painting mine with a color suit similar to the ones they wore in 5th element,but kept thinking there wouldn't be enough contrast- seeing yours I can see the contrast is much better with a dark suit!

    Looking forward to painting some of these too now!

  6. Very cool. Can I ask how you did the base? That's very close to what I have in mind for my 15mm superheroes project bases.

  7. C.C,
    The base is a UK penny, superglued the mini on, then used greenstuff to build up a layer to the same height as the mini's base.I then used a hobby knife to make the cuts in the GS and a pin vise to drill some holes. Sounds complex, but is really pretty easy.

  8. That's a darned good idea. Especially because I have several figures with integral bases but TINY feet. I was very worried about removing them from the base then pinning them to a new base.


  9. That is along the lines of the way I would want to paint mine. Vary well done.

  10. revisitihng some of your old stuff. Like the gadget at the bottom. It keys me into earlier posts before I followed every day.

    I never saw these guys as fleshy colored, but I love how they look. Great paint job.