Friday, 15 April 2011

Forlorn:Hope Project Progress

Back from another Minis break..Time has been short for hobbying. So short that I had to decline painting more stuff for Khurasan, which pains me greatly!

I had a couple hours during the week though, and took the opportunity to  get some paint on the Micropanzer figures I was doing basing experiments with last post. These figures are going to be used as Marines for my 3d Forlorn: Hope set.
Trooper, Sgt, flamer

Sgt, Gunner, Trooper
My basing  experiments led me to try Oyumaru/Instant Mold to make greenstuff detail on the tops of pennies. This was a lot easier than sculpting each one individually.

Press-molded base topper on UK Pennies.
 I'm using plastic Tyranid Rippers as Xenos.. Love these models.

Ripper as "Drone"


Converted Rippers as "Hatchlings"

True to form, I got started on an inexpensive mosaic tile "industrial ruins" board before I settled on how to do my Spaceship themed Forlorn: Hope board. This means my newly painted minis are not based correctly for it.. Oops. I've got WIP photos of that too, but I'll save it for a complete walk-through post after I paint it.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great stuff!
    Love those bases: wonderful detail

  2. That's great and really shows that you can do really high quality bases on 15's

  3. man o man, they are awesome, great work.

  4. Amazing stuff! Keep it up.

  5. Very nice. The bases look great, and I like the way the tongues came out, especially.

  6. Thanks guys, it's nice to be painting again after so much converting!

    I have to paint another 7 hatchlings, 14 drones, 8 warriors and 8 spitters yet and I've run out of GS for the bases.. And that's before I get going on the new 3d boards. This will keep me going for a long time ;)

  7. Love the basis and the bugs!!!!

  8. Wow! I would love to get a set of these for our Office Copy of the game!

    Alan Emrich
    Victory Point Games

  9. Alan, great to hear from you.. Thanks for publishing such a great game! Maybe one day we can do a minis for games swap ;)

    I am doing a whole lot more Forlorn: Hope stuff in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned :)

  10. Just going through your old posts... HOW did I not see this before? I thought I was sooooo original using pennies and Instant Mold to duplicate bases... Haha no ;) Anyway, yours look great.