Friday, 25 February 2011

Khurasan Great Bah-He-Mot resin kit

Jon at Khurasan only just gave me the go-ahead to post this, so here it is, hot off my paint desk.. (Or the depths of Hell.. Whichever makes more sense) Great Bah-He-Mot! A huge resin demon in the Eldritch Horror range.

Like the Octo God I painted for Khurasan earlier this year, the model is beautifully sculpted and cast, very easy to assemble and paint, with secure pins cast right into the pieces. The pins are square so it's easy to see if you have the bits in the right way, and are good and snug. The metal horns almost didn't even need glue.

The paintwork was not difficult. GW Mecharite red foundation basecoat, Vallejo red drybrush, ogryn flesh wash, final highlights with some orange. the horns and nails were black, highlighted shadow grey then washed with badab black, final highlight with shadow grey. (Exactly how I did the suits on the Agents)

I also did some imps, which are very tiny and visible in the photo below, which shows the size of this model.

He's a big 'un
I've got lots more Eldritch Horror stuff on the go, so you can expect some updates all weekend, and hopefully a solo battle-report using Fear and Faith sometime soon.

Thanks for looking!


  1. WOW! great job...
    Hats off to the sculptor and painter!

  2. The sculptor does amazing work and I think this was only his second one using greenstuff (The Octogod being the first) as I think he uses sculpey for larger pieces.

    The paintwork was even easier than the Octo-god to be honest.. Mostly just red! thanks all the same, your work is exceptional! :)

  3. Wow!

    Thats a fantastic looking model and the paint job is stunning! I may have to get one for my Leviathan project!

    All the best!