Saturday, 26 February 2011

"Daemon" ( plus heroes (The Scene)

I'm not fat, I'm big-boned.

When I ordered the hooded cultists, I had a look around the site for some monsters to use for Eldritch Horror games. This guy and his pig-nosed friend (not yet painted) made it into the order. He was in the sci-fi section listed as a space Daemon. He was a lot bigger than I expected, but should be useful anyway.

I've seen a lot of Mythos art depicting the creatures in a sickly greyish green palette and I want to keep that as a theme in my collection, so I went with GW Foundation Gretchin green as a basic colour and used the ubiquitous Devlan Mud to wash it. Then came many many gradual highlights mixing white into the Gretchin green. Initially I did some good old fashioned wet-blending on the wings, but at 15mm table scale you could barely see it, so I did the bolder unblended highlights and it looked better.
You may not be able to tell, but a lot of my highlighting is just use of small, well chosen blobs. I think it's closer to the 28mm Foundry house style than to GW stuff.

One odd thing about photographing minis for the web is that they always look completely different to how they look to me on the table. Paintjobs that look great at gaming distance often look a lot worse close to the camera.

Heavy Cult backup

Eat lead, monsters!
To join the forces of order, are two figures from The Scene. Both are Zombie hunters/survivors. Great models and I have a few more from the range too coming up. I kept them in mostly black and denim to work with the agents. The male character's arms look a bit strange in the photo, but it's just the angle.. The right arm is bent at the elbow.

I'm really enjoying a diversion from Sci-fi models right now and reading a lot of HP Lovecraft is making the whole project more fun too.

Next on the queue is probably the GZG Alien Mercs I finally ordered but haven't painted yet.. But I don't know, 1920's conversions of my remaining stock of The Authorities may edge them out. I'm so hooked on Eldritch Horror it's crazy. Maybe my unpainted Khurasan Zombies.. They are good for any era.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love the skintone on the Zombie huntress! What colors did you use?

  2. Yeah, You did a fantastic job on her.

  3. Cheers guys:)
    Skin tone:GW Calthan brown basecoat, tiny bit of devlan mud wash, calthan brown highlight, calthan brown lightened with Vallejo Flesh tone final highlight.

    I just noticed that I missed a bit of her hair at the front.. I seriously can't see that close IRL. The macro lens reveals all!

  4. CoolMiniOrNot has a nice tutorial on ethnic skin tones.

  5. You are messing with my head, now I want to do some more of my HPL stuff
    I will later.

    Good work man!

    Check out the free downloads of Lovecraft so you can listen while you work.

  6. Brill cultists and Daemon! Where can i find the rules for Eldritch Horror?

  7. Thanks very much! I was going to use "Fear and Faith" by Ganesha games, but I will probably be using a variant of "In the Emperor's name" by the Forge of war group instead.

  8. When you change the 'In the Emperors name' rules could you E-mail me a copy? If so you can find me here-