Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cultist Conversions: Initiates

Initiates, early on the path to damnation
I have finished the remaining cultist models that I've been converting out of figures this week. I went with a red hood to tie them to the other figures, but gave them brown cassocks to indicate they are more lowly that the Inner Circle models, or the other hybrid cultists. This was my most in depth sculpting attempt so far.. Which isn't saying much really as it was just hoods, but I'm glad I tried and will probably attempt more sculpting in the future. Here are some photos of the build.

Lopping off the heads and drilling holes for the new ones

GZG heads trimmed and glued on

Greenstuff hoods sculpted on


  1. Great job! I like how those hoods came out and your paint jobs are excellent.

  2. Great job! The original sculpts are somewhere between "just bad" and "really terrible" but you somehow managed to make them look nice :)

  3. Cheers guys!

    Yeah, these models are really not very good. The hands are probably the worst aspect as they look like huge flippers with random cuts in them for fingers. The guns are quite dismal as well. It's been fun though and the figures are at least inexpensive. I still have a soft spot for minis and will order some more (bounty hunter!) soon.

    I think in future if I want more cultists I could sculpt better ones myself. Maybe that's my next challenge.. pointy hooded cultists with tommy guns might be within my ability, although I'm sure it's a lot harder than I'm imagining.

  4. @Spacejacker: despite of what I wrote above, I have a soft spot for minis too. Some of their dwarves or human adventurers are really great if you think of playing a 15mm fantasy skirmish and their sci-fi range is one of the few with some not-so-hi-tech minis available.

    And well - those hands look much better if you paint the cultists as some fish-like Lovecraft creatures than if you consider them to be humans ;-)

  5. They are pretty good minis to start with and you have really made them your own. Well done!

    As one of the sculptors (not of these, but of some stuff you have featured elsewhere), it's great to see them getting some more publicity!

    I will have to order some of these cultists!

    The flippers could be good, it could be the first stage of turning into a deep one!


  6. @dis- I am really really trying to avoid getting into 15mm fantasy until I've painted my backlog.. But I weaken more each day.

    @RobAlderman- Thank you kindly Rob. minis have a charm of their own, and are great value for money. If I try to sculpt some mooks I'll submit them to the SHM range ;)