Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Converted 15mm Cthullu Cultists

Unspeakable Hybrids!

Back View

My Eldritch Horror collection is growing at an alarming rate! I'm reading "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" at the moment too., which is only making it worse.
These are all 15mm.co.uk hooded cultists with the (terrible looking) heads snipped off and replaced with GZG gas mask heads and a spare Octo-God cultist one I had left.  Although 3 of them are identical, the greenstuff hoods and head poses make them look surprisingly different IRL.
They were quite difficult to paint.. Or rather I should say I made my job difficult by over-complicating it. I used washes to "knock back" the savage highlights a couple of times and it backfired, drying too dark and making me highlight again and again. The moral of the story is use a red glaze to unify a red paint scheme, do not use brown ink.
The guns were also very soft in the detail.. I found I had to be very clever with highlights to pick out a shape.

All in all a fun and inexpensive project though. I will continue ordering stuff from 15mm.co.uk as they have a large range of eclectic "vintage" looking models that can be quite useful.

Up next: "Threshold agents" in 15mm.


  1. Hi!

    They are a vast improvement on the original heads! I had to paint them for 15mm.co.uk's website and had difficulty getting any detail on them at all!

    All the best!

  2. Thank you Lt. Brittan. I must say you did a magnificent job on the guns as well.. There's barely anything there to paint!

  3. Those look great. They would work well for sci-fi, too.

  4. .....very well done, they,re bloody nice for 15mm.