Monday, 7 February 2011

Battlestations and Hacking

A few days ago, my copy of Battlestations arrived. In short its a clever game that allows you to play shipboard actions and starship combat simultaneously. It has a supporting range of characterful 15mm miniatures as well, although they would not fit well with my collection.

It's fairly complex and is intended as an RPG-hybrid board game that pits the players against a referee. This means it ought to be possible to Solo game. It's mechanics are easy to understand but the choices you have from turn to turn are fairly complex.. Meaning my only concern is that I'm not sure I could run an enemy ship/crew and my own one at the same time.

This got me thinking about how solo skirmish gaming is almost more suited to RPG mechanics than those of a wargame. In my search for skirmish games that only use a small number of minis, I've also read that RPG rules are better for this.

A long time ago, I purchased the Mythic GM emulator with the intention of using it to run  a skirmish campaign. The more I think about it though, perhaps using a tactics-heavy yet freeform set of RPG combat rules might be a good way to go.

I looked around the net for a free set that was reasonably modern and very quickly came across Old School Hack.

I was amazed at how well written and tactically interesting this game is. If you're at all interested in RPGs, it's a free download and beautifully presented so have a look.
It's not intended as a minis ruleset, but it's so clever that I'm going to have a crack at modding it up for small scale space skirmish using Mythic to be the GM.

The upshot of all this is that while this means I won't be spending as much time with Gut Check! this month (I'm starting to burn out thinking about it) I will be completing a new set of my 15mm deck plans. I've had some new ideas about this that have sparked up my interest to get me past the depressing fact that I lost the "Control room" file. It's OK.. I'll just make a better one ;)


  1. Shame you lost that file. However your technical prowess in all things Adobe will now doubt produce something better soon!

  2. It's OK, starting over always gives an improved result over fixing an old one IME.

  3. While I probably stick with Space Hulk and Earth Reborn while it comes to similar boardgames, there's at least one interesting item in their line:
    These may go well with Eldritch Horror minis from Khurasan...