Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Authorities by The Scene

I needed some forces of good to combat the Eldritch Evil and was originally going to make up a set of Threshold Agents for Strange Aeons. After exhaustive research I came to the following conclusions about these rules:

They are for small encounters (Good thing) quite simple for combat (Good thing) and have excellent campaign rules (Good thing) Have a well balanced points system (Good thing) and a wide range of modeling possibilities for both heroes and villains (Good thing) Cost $40.00 including shipping to the UK (Very very bad thing.)

When I compared all these points to Ganesha Games "Fear and faith" it compared very favorably with it's good points, has a more robust weapons list and seems more flexible... But the final blow is that it only costs about $7 as an instant PDF download. Victory and purchase goes to Fear and Faith.

So goodbye Threshold Agency, Hello just plain "The Agency". Luckily for me I have a bunch of modern minis from The Scene that are perfect for the task. I have all the models from the Zombie hunters, Authorities and Special forces lines, including some doubles for conversions. As I've been a bit overcome with greenstuff sculpting this week, I'm going to make some more 1920's looking models out of the doubles with the help of GZG boonie hat heads. This is brilliant.. I hate Boonie hats so they would have gone to waste otherwise.

Mr. Crimson and Mr. Mauve
I was originally going to do all the suits in different colors to look more like plain clothes detectives but at the last minute decided to paint them more like a unified "gang" and went with black suits. I used GW Shadow grey to shade them , then Badab black wash, then final tiny highlight of shadow grey again. They don't look black so much as bluey-charcoal, but I'm pleased with the result as it helps them stand out on the table. I did give them all color coded ties to help me ID them. Thought it was kind of good fluff too.
The model flashing his ID would make a great preacher with a holy symbol with minimal work. I will probably make one up at some point.

Mr Browne and Mr. Orange

 These two gave me some trouble. The kneeling figure was not well cast at all and looked like a melted wax-man. It took some serious painting to fake a face onto his head, which was almost featureless. Mr. Orange was ok, but I couldn't figure out how his hand worked holding the gun. I just kind of blustered through it.

Mr Greene and Mr. White

Mr Greene's craggy face wasn't easy to paint either. It looks OK on the table so I've stopped now.
I don't normally do metallic guns on my minis, but these guys were so dark that black guns highlighted grey would have just been invisible, so I painted all the weapons mithril silver with a black wash.

Wonderful minis, the high level of close detail on the heads made them tricky to paint, but I'm already thinking of getting some more. They are very versatile for any noir or modern style conversions thanks to the good range of poses and well sculpted suits.


  1. I guess your paintjobs will never cease to amaze me :) And as highlighting black is one of those things I'll probably never be able to do correctly, these are even more impressive than usual - keep them coming!

  2. Strange Aeons deserves UK distribution.. Thought Uncle Mike had that worked out.
    It is a brilliant & devious gem of a game.

  3. Those came out very nice. It always amazes me that you're able to get so much detail onto these 15mm minis. Also, that's a great idea for color coding the ties.