Wednesday, 16 February 2011

15mm starship deck plans ready to launch

I got sidetracked by building 3d furniture for these tiles using the sketchup program..

I'm happy with the general look, the next step is converting them to STL files and sourcing a good 3d printer. Then I'll hopefully have some masters I can look at either casting or (even better) working with a manufacturer to have made (!)

But today I got some more ink for my printer and did my test builds to make sure everything was OK. Here are the results, I'm very happy with how they turned out.

I used matte photo paper to print them and found that as its a little thicker than normal paper, the doors are quite sturdy enough for gaming. I used a UHU glue stick to put them together.
For a proper set, I'd glue the tiles to thick card or foamcore board. I've also had some ideas about using magnets to secure doors and scenery that I'll share when I have it all worked out.

I'm emailing RPGnow today to get them available online ASAP.


  1. Extremely nice! Please post to TMP when they are for sale!

  2. These look very good. I want some!

  3. Thanks everyone. I have contacted RPGnow and am in the process of getting these available. I will make an announcement on TMP as soon as I do.. It's quite exciting!

  4. Mate, these are great. Will it be possible to make larger rooms for space ship layouts for Traveller, etc?

  5. Bean:
    Yes, there are a variety of different sized pieces including some generic ones. There are connector pieces in the set to join tiles together, or you could just cut the borders off and glue them. The set is designed to be as flexible as possible.