Sunday, 27 February 2011

15mm deck plans: Product Shots

These are a bit late, but I finally had a chance to take some photos of the assembled Star Station Zero Basic Set.
Jon at GZG very kindly gave me permission to use my painted UNSC and OUDF models in the shoot, which is much appreciated.

All done!


  1. Very nice. Did you print them on matte photo paper? They look very crisp. I bought some magnetic photo to print mine on. I have an old magnetic bulletin board I will put the print-outs on, and all of my 15mm minis are based on magnets. Makes for some easy storage and gaming.

  2. I knew I forgot to add something.. Yes they are on Matte photo paper in the shoot.
    Magnetic photo paper? I wish I'd known it existed! I'm doing almost the opposite. I'm planning on getting 1mm steel sheet cut to match, then using neodymium magnets in the door bases to hold the layout together securely. Magnets in furniture and terrain pieces will stop them getting knocked around during play too I hope. I'm really getting into magnets right now ;)

  3. Nice to see the tiles in action!