Friday, 21 January 2011

GZG UNSC SAW conversion

Last night I was photographing my UNSC squad for a new super-fancy iPad version of the Gut Check! roster sheets (upcoming post) and was once again irritated that my SAW trooper looks not very different to the others at distance. The prone figure is very clearly sporting a heavy weapon, but I don't really like using the prone figures as their bases are huge.

So I decided to try sculpting an ammo bin with greenstuff. I think it came out pretty well, and may try giving him a large backpack to further identify him.

For future squads I think I will do all of the above and also give him some sort of head swap or conversion.. Perhaps attempt to model a targeter onto the helmet. I'm going to paint the ribbed top of the gun blue to try to look like glowing coolant coils when I paint the ammo bin.
I'm encouraged to try sculpting more bits and pieces with greenstuff. First I need to find the x-acto knife that went missing over Christmas, and build some 15mm scaled sculpting tools ;)


  1. Nice job! Good improvement on an already excellent figure.

  2. Great idea, it looks great!

    Speaking of looking great, man that's a nice base!


  3. Good job. I did the same thing for the NAC SAW gunners. Their guns looked little different from the regular rifles so I added an ammo bin out of styrene plastic

  4. Looks great - I love the visor paintwork!