Sunday, 23 January 2011

Gut Check! Enemy behavior chits prototype

A bit of DIY
After a game using playing card to control the enemy models in Gut Check! I was happy with how the rules worked, but found it irritating to re-shuffle the cards each turn.

To remedy this, I designed some square chits to print out and draw from a bag (I'm going to get a £1.05 velveteen dice pouch from em-4 next time I order from them).

Here is how they work:

1. Which enemy model? This indicates the nearest one to any of your forces.

2. Further detail- This indicates a preference for an enemy out of your model's LOS if possible.

3. Special action-If the Hazard stripes are present, this indicates that the model will attempt to use grenades or whichever specialized attack it may possess. Otherwise, ignore.

4. This is the activation "Dice roll" that determines wether or not the model gets to take an action or stop.

5. This is the first choice for what Action the model will perform. (in this case, Focus Fire) If not possible, go to the next option.

6. This is the action the model will take if the first is not possible. In this case it is Advance.

This system tells you which enemy model, whether it activates or not, and what it will try to do... All with a single chit draw! At the end of the turn, just throw all the chits drawn back in the bag and give it a shake.

The chits look OK.. But I think they need to be higher contrast. I would also love to see them done in laser-cut acrylic one day.


  1. Very cool idea. I'd suggest a quick reference card to go with them which is a guide to all the symbols.


  2. These look good. I agree with the QRC comment. Keep up the good work.

  3. Cheers guys. The QRC will be included in the next version of the rules. There are not that many symbols, and they ammount to: Nearest, Farthest, in LOS, OUt of LOS, Focus fire, Advance, Rush, Evade.

    The green and red hints at positive and negative as well. Eg: The 'Out of LOS' is red, while the 'In LOS' is green.

  4. Now this looks really clever! As soon as I'm finished with basic pieces for the corridor set - I'm getting those Heroscape tiles.

  5. I'm getting more and more interested to your system!! You have very good ideas!

  6. I'm going to see how this works on a "traditional" (hex-free) 2' x 2' board when I get a free moment. I have some Rebel Minis Earthforce statted up for the player force, and will be using ex-MJ Miniatures Space Orks as the enemy.

    I'll post the results on my blog after I play.


  7. Oh... it might eventually be nice to have counters for Stopped, Shock, Choke, and Evade.


  8. Excellent!
    I used your activation system (more or less) for my actual solo-game (but I used another one for the action system).
    Just brilliant...