Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Gut Check! Counters

 Here are the counters I use for playing Gut Check!
(from back row to front):
-some sci-fi D6 I got from the hobby shop for rolling initiative.. Keeps me from accidentally rolling them during the turn.

-A Litko micro blast marker. I use these for Shock Counters.

-A blue 12mm counter from Em-4 , used to show the figure is using the evade action and is at -1 to shoot at.

-A Litko micro-skull. I use these as Choke counters

-A white 12mm counter from Em-4 , used as a Stopped counter. This is when the model has either failed it's activation roll or finished it's action.. In both cases the model is considered to have Stopped.

And finally here is the little plastic box I keep everything in. You can see a D20 I use as a turn counter, red and black counters currently spare, and some amber blips, again from Litko.

 I really like laser cut acrylic counters, otherwise I would probably have made some print and play ones for GC! already. I will have a go at some soon for those wanting to play without spending any more money.

I have been thinking of mounting oil barrels and other debris on the black counters to make 3d Evade counters. I'm starting to really like the idea of fully 3d counters for a better looking battlefield.

No playtest today.. Instead I spent some more time with the Spaceship deck plans, which have taken a very interesting turn. I will tell all after some research. You may have noticed there is an updated Mercs vs KraVak full colour roster on the Gut Check! page.. If not, go have a look, it's pretty sweet. ;)


  1. Spacejacker,

    Still confused on one aspect. What are "basic," 2BP-a-trooper stats? I only make 7BP for each of your Merc troopers... 2BP +1 each for Assault Rifle, Grenades, Armor, Guts, and Shooting. Is the "basic" Grit stat supposed to be 1 instead of 2?


  2. Oops, you are right.. I do this stuff late at night and am bad at math.. Sorry!

    The BP system is really something I should get help with to be honest. Initially I wanted it be a purely numbers-free system but it makes advancement difficult. I may scrap the BP idea in favour of a choice of options, like in AE Bounty.

    Another solution might be to make the weapons and armor more self- balancing by affecting movement speeds and melee combat.