Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Gut Check! 1.5 up.. Now with Photo examples!

More playesting has borne v1.5 of the rules and a new camera has finally allowed me to take example photos for them.

Also included are numerous tweaks and fixed typos. Hopefully all this will make the game a lot easier to understand, although the file size has shot up ;) I'm feeling like the rules are now complete and will allow a single (included) scenario game to be played. It's been fun playing the game and worth the hard work.

Next up:
Counters photo diagram
Properly test the new enemy control mechanics
Special events (for when you tie the initiative roll)
More rosters
More scenarios
Rules for armored walkers (!)

Big thanks to Mik's Minis Blog, and Miniature for promoting these rules, much appreciated!

1 comment:

  1. Downloaded. Printed. Inserted into my official Gut Check! Folder.

    Though I think I may have missed v1.4 somehow. Glad to help spread the word!