Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Gut Check 1.4 Game

This week I've been busy retrofitting my old ruins to work on my Heroscape hex board and painting some brand new models for Khurasan (Exciting! Also very secret!) I finished these jobs so tonight as a reward I played a few more games of Gut Check! and ironed out some kinks.

First, the positives:
Power armor worked very nicely. It definitely protected the Mercs from death against the relatively weak weapons of the Octopods, but deaths are still possible and the Mercs often choked when hit with massed fire.

The tokens I ordered from Litko and Em4 really helped both the look and the playability of the game. To recap, the game now uses Shock counters (micro blast markers) to track damage and general disorder, Stopped counters (white 12mm discs) to keep track of who has acted, Choke counters (Micro skulls) to show when a model can no longer act or react for the turn, and Evade markers (Blue 12mm discs) to show that a model is evading and benefits from a -1 to be hit. Choked and Evade counters both replace a stopped counter, so there is much less clutter than my earlier system.

The revised Blip rules and new (very rough) Build Points system are very promising. Happy with the variety of results they provide. If I work a bit more on the Build Points system, I can take a break from doing rosters and let people figure out their own model collections (It's very easy so far).

The negatives were only that determining what the enemy models do each turn takes too many die rolls. It works, but it feels like it takes too long and is a little confusing. To remedy this, I have come up with a new system that determines:
  • Which enemy model tries to activate,
  • Whether or not it activates
  • What it will try to do
With a SINGLE CARD DRAW from a deck made or normal playing cards. (I haven't tried it properly yet, but if it works I'll make a custom PDF deck with the relevant info on each card so you don't need to compare playing cards to a chart.)

The PDFs are all up on the Gut Check! page, so please check them out if you are interested.

Thanks for looking!

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