Friday, 7 January 2011

Gut Check 1.3 files Uploaded for the weekend

I just uploaded fresh PDFs to the frequently reformatted Gut Check! downloads page.

The Rules now include: Movement clarification, the revised damage system, a mission using unknown enemy (Blips) rules, and a revised Weapons chart.
From now on I will try to include everything (like the weapons chart)  in the rules PDF.

Also there is a sample roster sheet for Khurasan Luhrrgh and human Mercenaries and a Quick Reference PDF that just contains all the charts from the rules.

This version is probably the most playable so far and as far as the core mechanics go I would say final. Next comes a narrative campaign system, mission/roster sheets and more scenarios.

If you do download them, I would be very grateful for comments or emails regarding how easy you found the document to understand. It is a fairly simple system at heart, but I'm too close to it to know how it reads to someone else. There are some language issues I need to clear up too, such as the use of the expression "Gut Check" which is sometimes interchangeable with "reacting" but not always.. I will fix this to a universal term of "stat check vs Guts, stat check vs Shooting" etc. in v1.4

A Note on Hexes:
Obviously not everybody has a Heroscape set lying around and I intend to create a PDF of print and play hex sections for those people.
In the meantime, if you just change "1 hex" to "40mm" you can probably play the game on your usual wargame table with the application of some common sense. The most difficult part will be firing arc.. As one of my favourite things about the game is that it uses a limited firing arc to enable flanking and encirclement tactics, which the hexes make very easy to determine.

Happy New Year and have a great weekend!


  1. No need to provide hexes, just give them this link and they can make hex paper of any size they want:

    I have Heroscape, which is what drew me to your system, so I will try and give it a go on Sun.

  2. My fist go with these rules will be using Space Hulk minis.

  3. ...oh, and I'm using hex paper wiht elevations that I create by glueing them to thin Styrofoam sheets.

  4. What is the second number in a given stat? Example" R4/8 and FF2/1

  5. I keep downloading the updates, sorry I haven't rolled dice yet (darn Game of Thrones series). I do have my Heroscape tiles back in my possession though, my nephew only cried a little.

  6. Nice to see this progressing - still not completed the room so games are out for another week.

    I did find these though:

    You may find these of interest...


  7. Unclegreasy:Your styrene battlefield sounds cool, I'd love to see a picture. The weapon stats mean that the eapon has 2 different effects at different ranges, so (in your example) "Range 4 to 8 hexes, fire factor 2 at 4 hexes, 1 at 8 hexes."
    Hope that makes sense.

    Gyro: Great to hear on all counts! :)

  8. Andrew: I had a look at those and they are great! I may try to make some of my own for buildings and bunkers.

  9. I discovered these rules via a post on I'm going to give them a go on a business trip later this week, and I'm looking forward to it very much.

    I have two questions for you.

    First, under Enemy Tactics, the first condition says "Model nearest to targets with no Player forces in it's LOS." I'm not sure what this means. Nearest to which targets? Does this mean Enemy forces that have previously been targeted by Player forces? Or maybe _potential_ Player force targets...since the Enemy force doesn't have LOS to any Player forces by definition?

    Second, what "stacking limit" do you play with? That is, how many typical 15mm miniatures do you allow per hex? Whatever will fit, maybe?

    Thanks very much!