Friday, 21 January 2011

iPad Gut Check! Rosters

Entirely unnecessary, but fun to use.. Here is my iPad version of a roster sheet layout for the Gut Check! game. I made everything a bit large so it would be easy to read set up on the side of the table.

As I write this post I just turned my iPad sideways to pop it into a stand next to my computer and realized that the image is perfectly readable when only 768 pixels high instead of wide.. So I may try turning the image sideways and fitting more stuff in. If I remove the icon legend and do some shrinking it may be possible to fit both force rosters onto one page, which would be more convenient.

Here is my first stab at a build points system in an attempt to have games work out "mostly fair" or at least make scenarios easier to write.

The theory is that the higher the BP of your squad, either the more victory points you will require to win or you will encounter more blips. At the very least you could stat up a force and fight them all revealed at the start of the battle.

Which reminds me.. Although Gut Check! was designed as a solo game, the mechanics ought to work absolutely fine for a player vs player normal battle game too. They might even work better :/


  1. Those are fantastic! I'm going to be using an Android tablet for most of my gaming now, so I'll have to come up with something similar for FUBAR. What did you use to make those rosters?

  2. I used photoshop to make these.. They were pretty involved to do , but everything but the photos and frame background is made in vectors with various layer effects so I can re-use it later at different resolutions for making cards or rulebook art or whatever. They are saved as simple .png's to view on the tablet.

  3. Your Photoshop skills are far greater than mine. :) That style would be perfect if you ever decide to do a deck of Enemy Actions cards.