Saturday, 22 January 2011

100 Followers! Prizes!

cue pppp-p-p-pyro!
I am amazed to see this morning that I have 100 followers on this little blog.. It's really nice to think that what started out as a self motivational blog has ended up entertaining so many people.

I've ended up with way more on my hobby plate than I first intended when I got back into miniatures painting. The idea was I'd dabble a bit with a few tiny minis and it wouldn't matter if they turned out a bit crummy. I do spend less time obsessing over the paintjobs than I used to back in the 28mm days.. but that means I get them done faster, which means I buy more. It's a downward spiral from there, I have a decent sized Lead Hillock growing under my desk.

A testament to how fantastic the 15mm sci-fi community is that in the course of this blog I've been honored to paint figures for Khurasan and Blue Moon Manufacturing.. Something I never imagined happening. Most of my recent painting has been on a secret new release for Khurasan, can't wait to get it finished off and see it released!

Anyway, thanks to each and every one of the folks following this blog, I promise to keep making free Gut Check! material, do more tutorials (Maybe one on, say, basing.. I can't decide..) and this week will be giving away prize to one of my loyal readers.

I need more space in my figure case so I decided that some painted minis are in order. Which ones would be the most use to the 15mm sci-fi enthusiast? That's easy, Bounty hunters! In this case from Critical Mass' Mercenaries range.

One lucky follower will win this set of minis!
On Monday I will roll some percentile dice vs my follower list and determine who gets the prize. I will contact that person by email and if they respond will mail them the prize.

Thanks again to all of you!