Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Special Forces by The Scene

Get to the choppah!

These arrived in the mail this morning and I had to post a picture of them. They are 15mm "US Special forces" figures that closely resemble Dutch, Billy, Blaine, Paco and co. from the moofie about the hunter from space. The characterization and sculpting is just outstanding.. And all for the incredible bargain price of £2.60 for the pack.

They are on the large side of 15-18mm, like other figures Ive bought from The Scene. (In fact I've bought all the figures they have made so far and have been pleasantly surprised each time.)

I'm not going to get distracted by painting them yet as I want to concentrate on a first draft of my solo rules and Hex terrain. When I do though, I'm going to go for 'moofie canon' look as much as possible.

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