Monday, 13 December 2010

Khurasan Lhurgg

These models are available now from the very fine folks at Khurasan

On the weekend I made my return to the painting table. I got stuck into the Lhurgg that have been patiently waiting all based up since October. These are lovely models with tons of character and are so detailed that I almost wished I'd eased back into painting with something easier. They were a lot of fun though and I'm looking forward to finishing the rest.

The colour scheme was originally going to be Hyena-like, but I decided at the last minute that dark muzzles would not be a good use of the face detail, and that the models had hooves, which wasn't very Hyena-ish. There are a few tiny fixups I need to make, like the feathers on the armbands (not visible in photo) but it's about time I uploaded some actual content on this blog so here they are.

Base colour:Army Painter leather spray, washed with Devlan mud and highlighted with Foundation Iyanden Darksun.