Thursday, 19 August 2010

not-much-workbench update

I've been too busy with a new job and partying to get near my miniatures in the last week, but I did a little prep work and got some things ready for paint.. Here is a photo of all the goodies waiting to start.
Karks, Lhurrg, a gun-carriage and some overlords.. Not to mention my Mega Shark, who is all ready for undercoating.
Also in the mail this week: My dice for Ambush Alley, and an infuriating post notification that my AE Bounty rules are here, but at the local depot.. Which shuts at 1:30pm.

Good times ahead if I get a moment to myself anytime soon!


  1. what apc is that? the khurasan caffereta?
    cant wait to see that monpoc shark painted

  2. It sure is! I don't think I'll get any painting done this weekend, but I'm itching for a session next week.

  3. are you planning a similar scheme for your Llurgs as depicted on Khurasan's site

  4. Looking like a nice set to paint. I had not seen that APC - Not sure I am a big fan over the overal shape but certainly looks OK detail wise.

  5. khurasan has such nice gear. I'm trying to find out if they have a UK stockist. damn intercontinental postage.

  6. I'm thinking of doing the Lhurrgs paler than the ones on the Khurasan site, but not sure 100% yet.

    I'm hoping for a productive painting day on Sunday (My girlfriend will be at work all day) to get back into the swing of things.