Tuesday, 3 August 2010

CMG Alien Mercenaries and more Octopods

I bought these quite a while back from Critical Mass Games but had neglected to paint them. They are brilliant figures, but seem quite small and thin compared to the rest of my collection.
AE Bounty being released got me thinking about these guys again, so I painted them as a break from doing hordes of drab Octopods.

It was fun doing 5 completely different colour schemes instead of uniforms, and I tried to make them very bright so as to stand out from the more military models I have. The colours on the guy second on the left was inspired by Bossk the Trandoshan bounty hunter from The Empire Strikes Back, then I just tried to make the others different to him.

While on the small side, the detail on these figures is amazing. I almost lost my mind trying to paint the eyeballs on the blue guy.. I have no idea how somebody sculpted them. My personal preference is for much more exaggerated chunky detail on figures this small, as I feel like tiny detail is lost. Also it's a bastard to paint.

Also finished (But not all pictured here, as I skipped the duplicates) are my Octopod Heavy weapons and command models. I have ended up with a lot of affection for these troops. They are simultaneously Totally Evil/Goofy as Hell.

I think tonight I will begin the Giant Octopus support beast.. And further negelect the Spaceship Deck Plans. They are very close to being finished (95% I rekon), but are are quite stressful to do after a day  working in front of the computer. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Very nice! I like your color choices. After seeing your Blue Moon Orion Republic Heavy Infantry, I ordered a few packs myself. Thanks for the heads-up.


  2. Excellent job on the mercs. Ive got these guys myself and ive really enjoyed painting them. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hurray for colour!
    The longer you put off the deck-plans, the longer I can put off buying Battlestations. ;)
    I wonder how that would play ported to Chain Reaction style mechanics?

  4. Peabody, that has given me a huge idea. :)
    Ae bounty+cr+battle stations= awesome.

  5. very interested in getting those deckplans, my friend...excellent job on the inspiring blog
    cheers, stephen