Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ambush Alley Rules

The Ambush Alley rules were suggested to me by the TMP crowd, more specifically "Tomorrow's War" which is their ruleset adapted to Sci-fi. Sadly, these rules are not yet available.. Which makes it hard for me to buy them.

So I went and downloaded the quickstart version of Ambush Alley to see what the mechanics were like. The game is designed for small numbers of figures on a small table and has really nice and quite simple mechanics. It is clearly written and easy to grasp.. In fact I think it's one of the least confusing rule books I have ever read. In short, they seem to be great!
They seem so great that I was tempted to just get Force on Force (Their more recent set) and mod it to my own liking. I'm holding off and hoping TW just doesn't take too long.. If TW was available to buy today, I'd buy it without hesitation.

I will try to play the introductory AA scenario one night this week with my sci-fi figures and see how it goes.


  1. There was a poll on the AA forum asking if players wanted the TW supplement before or after the forthcoming FoF v2 rulebooks. V2 claims to sweep up all the previous supplements in one volume so I'm tempted to wait.

  2. I'm counting (hoping/wishing) on AA Games delivering the PDF version of Tom.War this September as has been previously suggested by company spokes-folk.
    We have enjoyed playing Ambush Valley -even presented it at our local con here in Vancouver.
    Lot of anticipation over here.

  3. have you composed a gang for ae bounty yet? I suppose if you do it solo you will need at least 2 gangs. curious as to your loadout and alien choices-half the fun of that game is the planning

  4. My copy is on preorder from Cipher so I'm expecting it in the mail in a while. I'm pretty keen on lots of the mechanics in the game and can't wait to try it. Shame they don't sell a PDF copy.. I prefer PDF's.

  5. I really like it... for solo, will do my usual card activation. each model is assigned a specific playing card(12 total models- 12cards). each turn is a shuffle. each model activates as card is drawn(actually like this mechanic for most games even not solo-adds unpredictability)

  6. about 14 alien choices, all can be easily proxied
    ,many are reptilian,amphibious etc...between aphids, quar, CMG,Khurasan looks to be a lot of fun