Monday, 5 July 2010

What a weekend!

Lots of great stuff coming up as a result of this blog.. Going to paint some VERY cool models for one of my favorite manufacturers (!!!) and work on some rules with a fellow UK denizen. How exciting!

Also a big high five to Blue Moon, who have been amazingly helpful and will be shipping me out some Galactic War figures after Historicon.

I also had an idea for a new semi-tile based movement system for CR 3.0.
My large game terrain bases are 80mm square.. Which for 15mm is one normal THW move. I don't think it would be too tricky to write down some very simple rules to basically eliminate measuring from my CR 3.0 games.

Normal move
  • Move into anywhere in the neighbouring space by any route you wish, following normal in-sight tests etc.
  • Reposition to anywhere on a higher level in the same space
 If a terrain base is smaller than 80mm2, it counts as a half move, regardless of it's size. This is to represent them as difficult ground, as there are no "empty" 40mm terrain pieces in my collection.

Any day now I'll play some games...


  1. Any chance of a summary of the CR3.0 mods and house-rules you use? I enjoy FNG, and will be playing some 5150 soon, but the simplicity of CR3.0 is a treat.

  2. I will as soon as I settle on them. Half the time I end up un-tweaking them again as they are really pretty good for most things. The main thing I want to try is moving to a system where you explore the map as you go. The sense of the unknown is the only thing that keeps solo play from becoming dull IMHO.